Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read In 2016

Every entrepreneur can attest to the fact that running a profitable business is the most enthralling thing in the world. For many of them, every success creates a new platform of opportunities such that you will never have limitation. For new entrepreneurs, it is all about learning and testing the ideas they think will work for them. The surest way to set your foot in entrepreneurship is by reading books that help you mature the ideas you have and make the best startup.

In entrepreneurship, one outstanding component that every writer never leaves out is marketing. Whether you start at home or have a bigger resource base, you must implement marketing appropriately. Instead of using traditional marketing methods, authors insist on using modern online marketing tactics. For example, you can go for inbound telemarketing from Ameridial to identify online marketing opportunities, drive traffic, and higher profitability. As an entrepreneur, make sure to look at the business holistically from production, marketing, and consumption while interacting with clients at all times.

Top books every entrepreneur should read in 2016.

(1) The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Start-ups from Their Founding Entrepreneurs (David Kidder)

Like the title suggests, you can only learn how to build your business and make it an authority by looking at other successful entrepreneurs. Kidder picks useful insights from 41 successful business founders to cover all the niches and help you narrow on what you want to do. Whether you are interested in industrial, retail, or online business among others, have a look at the footsteps that most successful people utilized. Because of its useful lessons, many people who read the book keep rereading for additional motivation

(2) True North (Peter Sims and Bill George)

In entrepreneurship, everything centres on motivation. What is driving your idea? Following a comprehensive survey of different business leaders, Sims and Bill help you understand the roadmap to make the right decision for the business to start. The book further creates a model of looking at every aspect of business with an objective angle. Whether it is change management, acquisition or computerization among other things, this book is all you need.

(3) Thinker Toys (Michael Michalko)

While many people think of investing without knowing where to start, all you need is appropriate mentorship. Thinker Toys help you to identify opportunities and take advantage of them. While it may appear that most opportunities are taken, it is how you look at them that define success. Today, many people turn to investment after being denied employment in their companies of choice. Within a few years, they have grown bigger than the company that chased them away. Michalko demonstrates that investors are not short of opportunities; simply use the right lens to see them.

(4) Abundance: The Future is better than You Think (Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler)

While authors take a visionary approach in this book, they demonstrate the ability to look at obstacles and create best methods of addressing them. The book demonstrates how many start-ups were built around a problem and later grew to become the most profitable undertakings. By applying the culture of problem solution, this book demonstrates how to work on progressive improvement. Even when you have attained the goals you want, set higher targets and make them a challenge to grow, raise productivity and profit.