Five Books You Must Read To Succeed As a Sports Coach

Five Books You Must Read To Succeed As a Sports Coach

When a great football, golf, basketball, or boxing team wins, the celebrations trickle down to the coaches. As a sports coach, you should see the sport with a different angle, balance resources, motivate everybody, and push the team members as hard as possible to win. This requires mastery, training, and a lot of experience. Most of this can only be achieved through reading relevant information. In this article, we bring you the five must-read books that will propel you to the top.

Leading with the heart: By Mike Krzyzewski

This book explores the key operations that coaches do behind the scenes to help their teams win. Mike demonstrates that for a coach to be successful, he/she must understand the players from deep inside. This develops special connection because the coach can connect the dots and map every strategy for his team to succeed.

Championship Team Building: By Jeff Janssen

In sports, success can only be achieved if you operate as a team. From the players to the technical bench, everything must work in harmony. Jeff demonstrates that when every member of the team works in cohesion, the unit-directional forces help to propel players to victory. Grab this book and read through the comprehensive team building ideas and strategies used by top coaches to match to success.

Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques: By Marcelo Garcia.

For coaches in martial arts, this is a must read book because it demystifies all the tactics that do not work especially when facing a stronger opponent. Many trainers consider this book as a training manual because it has everything you want to know to succeed in martial arts. Marcelo insists on the training equipment as a central factor in defining success. As a coach, you must insist that the equipment and martial arts gears are sought from top designers such

The Psychology of Concentration in Sport Performers: By Aidan P. Moran

When teams lose, it is time to ask the hard questions so that you are successful in subsequent competitions. In this book, Aidan takes a closer look at the psychology of concentration to answer the question; why do athletes lose concentration? He goes a step ahead to draw great strategies that help your players to concentrate on the field. For example, coaches in martial arts should source the best equipment from dealers who inspire motivation and are associated with successful personalities such as

Wooden on Leadership: John Wooden

Wooden demonstrates with this book that the most important thing for the success of any team is enhanced motivation. He comes up with a pyramid of leadership that helps coaches to work from their strong points to overcome their weaknesses. When a coach uses this book, he/she can redefine the term success to fit within the team’s delineations to motivate every member to success. Well, get this book and you will not keep it down because it will have great impact even to other areas of your life.

Whether you are new or have been in the coaching position for some time, these books will keep your diary engaged because they demystify how to guide the team to success. They help you understand the team, support, and best techniques to apply to win every game.