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Kindle Oasis vs Voyage which one to get? Review [2018-2019]

Kindle Oasis vs Voyage which one to get?

Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

Back in 2014, Amazon released their premium eReader, the Voyage. This new eReader was supposed to be a step up from their basic Kindle Paperwhite model.

But now in 2017, the internet giant has just released an updated, newer and better eReader.

This is their Oasis model, which is more expensive but packs a lot more features. So which one is the one to get as your eReader? Well, in this review of the Kindle Voyage vs Oasis, you can learn all of the differences between each kind of Amazon eReader. Also check out here the best and most reviewed kindle readers among buyers on
Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

Kindle Oasis vs Voyage review

The Kindle Voyage is the more affordable model, being sold for 200 dollars. The Oasis is the newer and therefore more expensive model, being sold at 290 dollars.

Features – Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

The Kindle Oasis has got all of the features that the Voyage has got. But with some added extras underneath the hood. Both Kindles have got access to the Amazon book library, Goodreads support, and physical page-turn buttons. But the Oasis has got Audible audiobook support. So if you want to listen to your books, then the only way that you can do that via Kindle, is if you get the Kindle Oasis.

The Kindle Oasis also has got a slightly larger 7-inch screen, compared to the 6-inch screen of the Voyage. Otherwise, both are the same e-ink 300dpi display that provides crisp and readable text.

Software – Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

Currently, Amazon is still updating both the Kindle Oasis and Voyage. So they are basically running the same software. The user interface and everything about the two Kindles is basically the same. Even the software speed of each Kindle is the same too. Page turn speeds are fast, and each of the Kindles responds very quickly as well.

Hardware – Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

In terms of Hardware, there is a big difference between the Kindle Voyage and Oasis. The older Kindle Voyage has got a more rectangular hardware design. The Kindle Oasis instead is different from it, as Amazon has designed the Oasis to have a more book-like shape, being square-ish.

This square shape of the Oasis is due to the added hand grip and rest on the right-hand side of the device. This widens the shape of the eReader a bit, and that is where all of the extra hardware, such as the battery and processor of the Kindle are stored.

The wedge square shape of the Oasis actually makes it way slimmer than the Voyage. So if you want the thinnest eReader around, then the Oasis is your clear choice. But when it comes to weight, the older Voyage is actually lighter, being 14g lighter than the Oasis.

Battery Life – Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

Both eReaders that Amazon has released easily can last for up to several months on a single charge. Based on 30-minutes of everyday use, the Kindle Voyage can least around 4 weeks on one full charge. But the Oasis beats the Voyage in the battery life category. The Kindle Oasis can go up to 6 full weeks on a single 2-hour charge. Amazon has packed the Kindle Oasis with a bigger battery, and more energy efficient LED bulbs to give it a longer lasting battery life. If you want the longest lasting Kindle, then the Oasis is your clear choice. It beats both the basic Kindle Paperwhite model and the old 2014 Kindle Voyage in the length of time that it can run on a single charge.

These are the differences between the Oasis and Voyage. Whatever model of eReader that you end up choosing, each one is an excellent model, and they are certainly the best eReaders that are currently on the market. The question then boils down to, if you are willing to spend the extra money to get the latest top of the line eReader?
Kindle Oasis vs Voyage
Or are you okay with purchasing the older but still great eReader?

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