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Welcome to Electronic Book Reading Device. Here at ElectronicBookReadingDevice.com, you will learn the best tips for choosing ebook readers & tablets. From comparison charts to Buying Guides you will read which e-reader or tablet suits you best.

Let’s start by introducing the base notions about e-readers and tablets.

What Is An Ebook Reader?

What Is An ebook reader
A e-Reader ( or ebook reader as they are commnonly named ) is a handheld wireless device that allows for storage of and reading of ebooks, or books in digital format, such as ePub. Digital book readers are some of the most popular mobile devices today.

E-readers allow people to take with them, store and read thousands of books in one lightweight, thin and wireless gadget. This is really a revolutionary product, mainly because of the E-Ink technology screen.

Unlike LCD screens typically seen on laptops and tablet computers, like the iPad that also has E-Reader capabilities, the E-Ink screens are the closest to paper. So, they allow for eye strain-free reading and no glare in bright sunlight.

And, because ebook readers are created with the specific goal of reading they have many features that enhance the activity that tablets do not have:

  • Firstly quiet page turns.
  • Secondly, font size customizations, annotations, auto bookmarks, dictionary definitions.
  • Thirdly, the ability to make notes, shopping for books right from the device, and more.

Most ebook readers reviews are fairly positive for most all models on the market, but some do much better than others, like the Kindle from Amazon.

If you are shopping for an ereader, you should read our Buying Guides, Reviews, and Comparisons in order to make the best choice.

What is a Tablet Computer?

What is a Tablet Computer
Tablet computers are the latest and greatest in the mobile computing marketplace.

It is really neat to open up a purse or even reach into a pocket and pull out a thin handheld computer on which you can quickly and easily boot up and log into the Internet, watch videos, listen to music and even read ebooks.

There are a lot of different tablets available today, with the iPad reviews from users clearly illustrating this to be one of the top machines. However,  Barnes and Noble, Samsung, Toshiba, and other various Android devices are fierce competitors for Apple.

Do you find yourself chasing the latest gadget or new “shiny?”

The tablet world is no different.

If you need a tablet though, you should first consider how you plan to use that device. This will help you prioritize features and get the right device for your needs.

If you are looking for a device to read eBooks, listen to music and connect for the occasional Internet or email session, then your device display, storage capacity, and portability will be your main concern.

Need a tablet for daily business use?

Then you will want a fast processor, access to business applications, display, and connectivity will be your priorities.

Want to use the tablet for gaming or media streaming?

Your concerns will again be display, processor speed, RAM, and connectivity.

First, determine what you want to use your tablet for then rank order your qualities or specs that are important for that use.

If you want to purchase a tablet computer then you should check our Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparisons.

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