5 Tips on How to make your iPad battery last longer! [2022]

5 tips how to make your ipad battery last longer

5 Tips on How to make your iPad battery last longer!

Although the iPad battery is buried deep inside the tablet, which I’m sure will prove annoying when the time comes to replace it, at the moment it is all young and fresh and full of vigor.

In its pristine condition, the iPad battery will give you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted play or productivity.

That’s all very well.

You can bet for sure that sometimes, when I’m traveling, and especially on vacation, I’ll forget something crucial: my banker’s card, my cell phone, my children’s soccer ball, my laptop recharger… and now to add to the list, my iPad wall charger.

It makes a great start to the holidays in our household!

If you’re anything like me, you may need to find ways to extend your iPad’s battery life until you return home. Here are a few ways you can do this…

How to make your iPad battery last longer

ipad battery life full charged
1. Turn off everything you don’t need

A lot of functionality begins by default when you turn on your Apple iPad. Think carefully about what you actually need to be using when you have your iPad on, because the more functions you use, the more drain on your battery. For example:

· Turn off Bluetooth, EQ and Vibrate
· Ask yourself, “do I really need to be online right now?” If not, turn your iPad to Airplane mode. To do this, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Wi-Fi’, and set it to the ‘Off’ position

2. Live Streaming and Downloads

Don’t. Live streaming in particular gobbles up your battery life like a pregnant elephant, especially if you’re using NetFlix. Unnecessary downloads can also wait until you can get home or to a recharging point.

3. Screen Brightness

Turn the lights out! Or at least down. To do this, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Brightness & Wallpaper’, then drag the slider to the left as far as you can without having to squint.

4. Don’t play complex games

Actually, don’t play games that are rich in graphic content and a pounding soundtrack. Choose a simple game, like Dizzypad (reviewed elsewhere on www.iPad.net)

5. Stop checking your email and social networks

Do you really need to check your email every 10 minutes, or watch your friends’ status’ change every 5? The less times you do this, the more battery you’ll save.

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