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Apple iPad Review – Which models are worth the money?

Apple iPad Review – Introduced in April 2010, Apple’s iPad is the new gadget for tech lovers on the market. It’s competing with its rival Amazon’s e-reader Kindle and has already sold millions of copies. But can we be really impressed by this new creation by the powerhouse Apple?

Apple iPad comparison

All New Apple iPad
  • 10. 2-inch Retina display
  • A10 Fusion chip
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP back camera, 1. 2MP FaceTime HD front camera
  • Stereo speakers
Apple Air 2
  • Apple iOS 8; 9.7-Inch Retina Display; 2048x1536 Resolution
  • A8X Chip with 64-bit Architecture; M8 Motion Coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac); 128 GB Capacity
  • 8 MP iSight Camera; FaceTime HD Camera
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life
iPad 4
1,239 Reviews
iPad 4
  • 7.9-inch Retina display with antireflective coating
  • A8 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP camera with 1080p video and 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO.

Apple iPad review

Appel’s device it’s designed to function as a hand held minicomputer hence it is sometimes referred to as a tablet computer.

It is a multipurpose device that will allow one to:

  • access the internet
  • email services
  • watch and download videos
  • listen and download music
  • iTunes
  • vividly view pictures
  • read and download I books
  • gain access to view and search Google maps
  • manage ones contacts
  • make notes both personal and public and thousands of applications such as making spread sheets with compatible software that can be found in the I store.

The device runs on a rechargeable battery that has the capability to provide one with service for up to 10 hours. This gadget has also had improvements of wireless technology that allows one to access the internet from anywhere.

The other features that are common with iPads are in built speakers that will enable one to hear audio form an I-pad without any external aid.

Apple technology also integrates a camera in the product and gives users a means to take photos and record motion pictures.

This device uses I phone’s technology and adds more to it since it can even be used with accessories such as; keyboards, earphones with or without microphones and VGA, composite and component connectors.

Main features

Design – The design is not quite revolutionary – it is very similar to the design of the iPhone.
Specifications – The machine has a 1 GHz processor and offers several versions. It is made to suit everybody’s expectations and why not to even surpass them, something that we all expect from Steve Jobs and company.

Operating system – The operating system and the software don’t offer us anything new. If you have worked before on Mac, then you won’t have significant problems adjusting to the Apple’s machine. It’s quite easy to use and very intuitive. Something that has been highly appreciated by non technology geeks and by just many normal people without any special skills in computing etc.

Apple iPad for reading

What about reading books on the iPad?
Yes, that will be possible via subscriptions to various sources. The ebooks will have a special format and will be provided by a library store. The iPad review should include something for newspapers lovers, right?

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Many online magazines and newspapers have been highly enthusiastic about the prospect if iPad – it offers their readers a new kind of experience concerning the reading and this seems to be crucial for the online media these days. Many newspapers and magazines have been experiencing trouble reaching out to more and more readers and that puts the industry at risk. Monthly subscriptions are available for many international magazines, newspapers or blogs.

Let’s say something about the price in this review. The price and the availability are probably its main issue. So the tablet is not for somebody on a budget. The price can vary depending on various subscriptions to the sources used for downloading ebooks or music (check out the prices ).

Barnes & Noble Nook Color
27 Reviews
Barnes & Noble Nook Color
  • 6" Carta E Ink touchscreen
  • 8GB
  • Comfort Light: Built-in
  • 7. 64 x 5. 91 x 1. 06 inches, 180G
New Kindle Oasis
7 Reviews
New Kindle Oasis
  • Our best 7", 300ppi flush-front Paperwhite display
  • Adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber
  • Waterproof (IPX8) so you can read in the bath or by the pool
  • Thin and light ergonomic design with page turn buttons
  • Reads like real paper with the latest e-ink technology for fast page turns
Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof
145 Reviews
Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof
  • The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet-with a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.
  • Now waterproof, so you're free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath.
  • Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, comics, and audiobooks.
  • Now with Audible (in countries where available). Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.
Apple iPad Mini 2
5 Reviews
Apple iPad Mini 2
  • Read comfortably at any time of day
  • Seamless day-to-night reading with Night Mode
  • Soft touch finish on front and back for easy grip
  • Page-turning buttons for faster reading experience

Bottom line conclusion

The iPad is far superior to the Kindle concerning functionality but there are still some things that are missing from the menu according to many consumers’ reports.

Voice: it is not possible (for now) to use the tablet to call somebody or to receive calls.
Flash: The tablet doesn’t manage the technology of Adobe, which will be troublesome for the users needing daily access to the Web and its applications. No camera.
The multitasking: this will be quite an issue for the device – running more than 2 applications at the same time will pose some problems and can seriously slow down the machine.

So, how to conclude this Apple iPad review? All in all, Apple’s device is easy on the eyes and looks good in your hands but it’s far from perfect and its everyday use is questionable.

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