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Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader Review

Fans of the BN Nook will love this Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader review, and any avid reader who wants a color e-reader needs to check out this one before they make any purchase. The Nook Color features a 7” color touchscreen that is a delight to navigate and read. This is a highly rated e-reader that also offers the best resolution in its class, with MP3 and MP4 included. You’ll discover superb performance and many extras that create a very compelling package.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader

Nook Color
  • NooK Color
  • BNRV200RB

Most reviewers think Barnes & Noble hit this one out of the park, and we agree. They took their very popular, dynamic black and white Nook and did more than just make a color version. BN extended the touch screen concept to include the entire screen for quicker, more colorful navigation. The VividViewTM Color Touchscreen employs some 16 million colors to create a vibrant display, whether you are navigating your stored library or browsing the web.

That’s right – enhanced Wi-Fi capability is included in the Barnes & Noble device. So not only can you read your favorite books, new and old, on the Nook device, it is great for reading the blogs you enjoy as well as online magazines and newspapers. The browser has email capability too, so this e-reader functions like a notepad than just a reader.

One of the features that serious readers will enjoy most is that the Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-Reader is library-friendly. While the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers only allow you to read books encoded with their proprietary software, the Nook Color allows you to download ebooks from your library or the net, giving you access to a much broader library of books to enjoy including many timeless or undiscovered classics. And when you find lines or passage in your books that you simply must share with others, the BN machine lets you post them right to your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Personalize your device

The Barnes & Noble device offers personalization too. You can design your homepage and personalize the way your e-reader organizes your ebook shelves so you’ll feel right at home in your own virtual library. With Nook Book personal shopping you’ll also get recommendations from BN based on the books you already enjoy. When you want a break from reading, the device offers onboard games, internet radio, and more extras to entertain you. In terms of the e-books available, the Barnes & Noble device is the total package. While this e-reader does not offer the same E Ink technology as the B&W Nook and the Amazon Kindle, it does allow you to adjust the font, color and backlighting for a very comfortable reading experience.

Nook Color Reader review

Design – The design of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader is excellent. It makes excellent use of the width and height, with very little edge. It’s compact, lightweight and solid.

Screen, Memory, Battery – The 7” color screen used 16 million colors and a high resolution display at 1024 x 600 delivering 169 pixels per inch (PPI). The onboard memory is 8 GB and is compatible with microSD cards up to 32GB. The battery isn’t the longest lasting, but you will get 2-10 days with it depending on how you use the device.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader: Display and Interface

The 7” touchscreen is universally praised by users and reviewers. It does drain the battery pretty quickly, but it’s a trade-off most make gladly. It makes navigation very easy. The backlit display can be adjusted for comfort level in any lighting, though it doesn’t offer the same “direct sunlight” readability that E Ink e-readers do, but most of us don’t want to read in direct sunlight any more than we have to!

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Who Should Consider the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader?

If you have used black and white e-reader versions and want to step up to a full-color reader, this is a great place to start. Even if this will be your first e-reader, you may want to spoil yourself from the get-go with a color model. The Barnes & Noble machine is also a great choice for those who don’t want a push-button approach. Onboard Wi-Fi and email accessibility while you’re out and about make this a multi-purpose tool you’ll soon find indispensible.

Where Can I Download/Buy eBooks?

Barnes & Noble has one of the largest ebook selections anywhere. Browse and buy right from your device wherever you’ve got internet connectivity. Over 2 million titles are available, including the Nook Kids selections that offer interactive books as well as your favorite children’s favorites and the BN News stand as well. In addition, because you can use ePUB ebooks with this e-reader, you have the freedom to download books from your library or from online sites that offer public domain titles.

How Does It Compare with the Aluratek Libre Color E-reader?

The screen size is the same, 7”, and both offer Wi-Fi. The color is more vivid on the BN device. The touch screen makes navigating slightly easier with this e-reader.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader: Pros & Cons

Pros: The internal 8GB storage can hold 8000 books, far more than the Kindle DX or most other e-readers. It is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB. The full-color touchscreen really makes this unit shine. It is beautiful and easy to use. It automatically shifts from portrait to landscape. Page turns are quick and seamless. Includes both MP3 and MP4.

Cons: It does not use E Ink technology, so getting a contrast level you want using the adjustments may take more work in certain lighting conditions.

Bottom Line conclusion

This is a full-color multi-media player, and not just an e-reader. It definitely produces an enjoyable reading experience, but also offers jaw-dropping video capability, high resolution. Read books, blog and magazines; watch videos from YouTube; listen to MP3 or internet radio…all in this one very affordable toy, the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Reader review.

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