9 benefits of e-Readers and why I love reading eBooks with my eReader

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I’ve decided to count the top 9 benefits of e-Readers and why I’m being absolutely crazy about my eReader. So here goes: Cost, portability, comfort, space. Access to a wider array of knowledge, coolness, one-hand reading.

The 9 benefits of Benefits of e-Readers

benefits of e-readers

1. Cost – eBooks are much cheaper than regular books. Where most NY Times bestsellers cost around $20 – $30, you can get the same book at the Kindle Store for $9.99. So, basically, I save money in the long run.

2. Portability – There’s no way I could carry 400 books with me everywhere I go if it wasn’t for my Best e-Reader the Kindle Paperwhite. This way, whenever I am in the mood, I can just take my pick out of a wide variety of books.

3. Access to a wider array of knowledge – When you limit yourself to regular books, you limit yourself to reading the thoughts and wisdom of published authors only. With the revolution of eBooks, I can now read all sorts of stuff written by “normal” people, which in many cases can just blow your mind away.

4. Information about anything – Much like reason number three, today there are eBooks about practically anything. Topics vary from weight loss and go all the way to how to build a chicken coop and other small ideas which wouldn’t get published otherwise.

5. Comfort – With my eReader at hand, I don’t even need to get off of the couch to get a new book. I just wirelessly connect to the book store and take my pick. I can also read the first chapter of the book to get a feel if this is something I will like.

6. Saves space – I recently cleaned my apartment and found out that I saved a whole lot of storage space because I have many of my books on my eReader now. There is no need for the hard copies anymore.

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7. I feel “cool” – I know it’s a stupid thing to say, but sitting on the bus and reading from my eReader just makes me feel cooler. I guess it’s a high-tech thing.

8. I can read while driving – My eReader has a cool Read-to-Me feature which allows me to continue listening to the book while doing something else, like driving. I usually don’t use this feature too much for novels, but it’s great for manuals and “how-to” guides.

9. I can read with one hand – I know not many of you have thought of this, but when I read books, I usually lie down. With regular books, this means I need to hold the book with both of my hands, and is sometimes very tiring. Because my eReader is small enough, I can read using just one hand, which makes it that much easier.