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Best leather iPad Case – Which one is worth the money?

It seems that no company has managed to create the Best leather iPad Case that does it all. So for an ipad case to be one of the best it must protect well, look stylish, functional in its design, won’t break the bank, and smells nice out of the package. Some cases manage to hit 2 maybe 3 of those points, but very rarely can they achieve all in one.

Best leather iPad Case

Best leather iPad Case
1. Sena Zipbook Best leather iPad Case – The packaging is minimalist in its design with a few bullet points on the back in various languages and a sexy silhouette of the case on the front. I was pleased to find that upon opening it the accesspry smelled like stained leather and not some industrial chemical like a few other cases have. It has a nice modern professional design with only a tiny “Sena” logo in the corner, which goes well with Apple’s slim and sleek industrial styling. The zipper runs around 3 of the sides and the hinge is thoughtfully reinforced with a leather strip. There are 2 zippers, both with a small leather flag for easy grip, and works as expected.

Sena Zipbook opens to reveal a lovely tan interior with a tasteful emboss stating that it’s crafted from premium full grained leather. Both the front flap and the back flap are padded which relieves all my scratch related fears. The padding also should provide a bit of shock and fall protection should the device be dropped; something that we here at iPad Accessories look for in a case. A side pouch and credit card slots are missing which is something that is found is nearly every other leather folio offering. Honestly, I don’t miss them as I always carry my wallet anyways. Plus, it really carries over the clean and minimalist styling of the outside into the inside and really shows off Sena’s choice in leather.

Functionality Sena Zipbook

The iPad is held in place by four corner straps. The bottom two are some sort of stretchy material with a single stitch down each side. The top two are black leather with cut-outs thoughtfully provided for access to the power button, the screen lock slider, the headphone jack, and the microphone hole. The screen lock slider hole doesn’t exactly match up, but Sena would have had either make the leather straps larger and risk blocking some of the screen, or compromise the integrity of the straps, in order to make it work. Both solutions that are less them optimal. Still, the screen lock is usable and it’s not something that most people access all the time unlike the headphone jack and power button. The iPad’s dock is clear so charging and docking is possible while the device is still in the case.

All in all, the two and two design of the corner straps keep the machine firmly in place unlike the standard four stretchy strap solutions of other cases.

An iPad Case That “Stands” Out

At this point we’ve got a nice looking, high quality, well thought out iPad case by Sena but there are a lot of other companies that have the same. So where does this case pull ahead and “stand” out? On the back of the case is an integrated kick stand made from the same black leather of the case. A button snap holds it shut and a thin ribbon holds it at a nice viewing angle when open. The stand is landscape (Mmmm… hotdog) only but that’s a minor niggle since that’s the way most serious iPad use happens. It’s also great for movies and picture slideshows.


Conclusion for the Sena Zipbook as the Best leather iPad Case.

The Sena Zipbook is as close to perfection as any company has come thus far. All in all we’ve got an protection accessory that separates itself from the pack in nearly all aspects; high quality leather, nice professional styling, functional design, an integrated stand, and it even smells nice! The Zipbook comes in black, brown, and red, and is getting great reviews from users. It certainly is a little more expensive than other protection solutions, but the extra money really is worth it in this “case.” Check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. The Sena Zipbook is as close to the perfect iPad case as we have seen yet!

See here Sena Zipbook leather Case.

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2. Sena Leather Executive Sleeve

Impressively, all of these cases offered by Sena look to be sophisticated, well crafted, and well designed for functionality and style. The Executive Sleeve for the iPad is a leather portfolio pouch design that uses a magnetic flap closure to completely protect and secure your iPad.

Inside is a soft velvet lining and a light but rigid protective layer to keep your iPad safe from scratches and improve rigidity and durability. It is sure to look good in any business or formal setting with it’s attention to detail, accent stitching, and Sena craftsmanship and quality. Sena Leather Executive Sleeve

3. Sena iPad air 2 leather portfolio case

Sena leather portfolio case is a book style side folding design with an integrated and recessed back stand. It looks incredibly functional and sophisticated in the same time.

Thanks to its design, you can use your Apple device while it’s in the case. This Sena model features a soft velvet protective lining on the inside, as well as multiple pockets for your cards and id’s. All is secured with a strap and snap closure for total protection. This is a classy and highly functional iPad portfolio, and we can see it being one of the more popular luxury leather iPad cases. Sena iPad air 2 leather portfolio case

4. Sena Zipbook iPad case

Finally, the ZipBook leather iPad book cover is a clamshell style iPad cover with a zipper closure. Very portable, you can just zip and go with this slim and sophisticated case.

This iPad book cover is made with the same craftsmanship and quality as all the other leather cases offered by Sena. Also featuring a recessed collapsible back stand, there was a lot of attention given to the details in all of these accessories. Flexible straps hold your iPad in place while inside the case, so it can be used on the go. This case, as the website says, is best for “customers who prefer a convenient, on-the-go, form-fitting style.” It’s slick, classy, portable, and we want one! Sena Zipbook iPad case

Each case is available in three colors: Black, Brown, and Red. They are surprisingly affordable compared to other similar luxury leather cases, and if you pick them up for their pre order price, you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal.

All of Sena’s cases are made of genuine, top quality, full grain, Napa leather. Thanks to this, the cases adjust and soften to develop a perfect fit to your device after a short break-in period. The leather is unique as it begins to form and customize to the owner’s individual usage habits. If you can shell out the money, these protection accessories are sure to last you and your Apple tablet for a very very long time.

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