TOP 3 Best Tablet Computers in 2022 – Which One to Pick?

TOP 3 Best Tablet Computers in 2021

You really are spoiled for choice these days (2021), because when searching for the best tablet computers there is a great number tablets available you can choose from. There’s something to suit all requirements and all budgets, so there’s bound to be something to suit your needs. And you really should start with a good idea of what your own specific requirements are before you decide on which tablet you want.

So, just what are your choices, and which will be the Number 1 tablet in 2020-2021?

In fact, most industry analysts are predicting that tablet computers will account for more than 50% of all computer sales during 2021 – more than both desktop and laptop computers combined. That’s very impressive.

Best Tablet Computers

Apple iPad
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Apple iPad
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  • Apple iOS 8; 9.7-Inch Retina Display; 2048x1536 Resolution
  • A8X Chip with 64-bit Architecture; M8 Motion Coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac): 16 GB Capacity: 2GB RAM

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Most people will want to surf the net, watch videos, check their e-mail and play games. If that’s what you need then, in all probability, you will be looking at one of the smaller tablets. On the other hand, if you want to do a little work, maybe accessing some large spreadsheets, for example, you may need a larger tablet. Or if you like to read a lot then you need to know what is the best tablet for reading books.

You might also want to do a little social networking, in which case you may decide that you would like both a front and rear-facing camera. If you don’t need the front-facing camera, you will be able to save quite a bit of money and still have a perfectly good tablet.

Also you may look want to look which is the best tablet for a kid, or which is the best tablet for toddlers to learn.

Before you go shopping, you may also want to decide whether a Wi-Fi-only connection is adequate or whether you are prepared to pay extra for 4G connectivity which will allow you to do your thing even when you’re not in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Based on consumer behavior thus far, the small form tablets seem to offer the most flexibility. Lightweight and portable, yet powerful enough and feature-packed enough to allow most activities to be easily performed.

The three big players in the market right now are Apple (obviously), Amazon, and Google (Asus if you prefer). There are others available, but this triumvirate will account for most tablet sales during 2014. Let’s have a quick look at what’s on offer from the big three – before looking at some other alternatives.

1. Apple iPad – Best Tablet Computer for drawing

Apple iPad 2021

If you’re a committed Apple fan, then you’ve probably already decided that only an iPad will do – but which one? Apple updated both the full-size iPad and the Mini at the back end of 2019, and both are significantly better than the previous offerings.

In reality, the two tablets have much more in common than they do to separate them. The main difference is size, the new Mini has the same power as its big brother and now has a retina display which, given its smaller screen, means that it has a higher number of pixels per inch (PPI) than the iPad Air – 326 PPI for the Mini versus 264 PPI for the Air.

Both devices have front and rear cameras and both come with the option of 4G connectivity. The iPad Air is very light and thin, and if you’ve decided that you need a “full size” tablet then it’s a great choice for all of your needs.

Most people will opt for the Mini. Its combination of power and a smaller, slightly more convenient, the format will be enough to ensure that it is the best-selling tablet in 2020. Starting price is around $300 for an Apple iPad.

Apple iPad - best tablet computers for drawing

2. Amazon Kindle Fire HD – Best tablet for college students

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10

At the moment there are no fewer than four different Kindle Fire tablets for you to choose from.

You can read a comparison of all four here – but for the sake of brevity, we will recommend the Kindle Fire HD 10″ as the model most likely to mount any serious challenge to Apple iPad. It’s almost certainly the top device for the money right now and will appeal to many potential buyers on that basis.

It has a powerful quad-core processor, running at 2.0 GHz, comes with forward and rear-facing cameras and has the option of 4G connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi – at an extra cost of course. You should get about 11 hours on a single battery charge and it has a stunning 1920 x 1200 display, which equates to 224 PPI.

What might be more interesting for many people may be the easy access to Amazon’s massive content ecosystem and the user-friendly nature of the Kindle Fire. Both HDX models feature “Mayday” – Amazon’s 24 hours, 365 days a year, live, on-screen help facility.

You can wirelessly beam your Kindle movies onto your TV screen, and Prime members can watch thousands of movies for free. Every twenty-four hours there’s a new free app of the day – and there are plenty of free and paid apps to choose from these days.

The Kindle Fire family offers a great entertainment experience straight out of the box – and the HDX is the pick of the bunch. If you’re looking for ease of use, entertainment, and value for money, the Kindle Fire 10 may be the right choice for you. The starting price is between 100 – $229.

Amazon Kindle Fire 10 - what is the best tablet for college students

3. Google Nexus 10 – Best Tablet for Business

Google Nexus tablet

If you are looking for the Best Android Tablet under 200 $ then you should look at Google Nexus 7 or the newer version the Google Nexus 10 ( which costs more).

The Google Nexus 10 (by Asus) is a great tablet for Android fans. It has a superb 1920 x 1200 display – which gives you 323 PPI, very easy on the eye.

It comes with 2 GB of RAM – but the only memory offerings are 16 or 32 GB. There is no 64 GB model, and no SD card slot. That’s probably not something which will bother too many people, but you should be aware of it.

Also worth noting is the fact that, although the Nexus does offer the option of 4G LTE connectivity, it is, for the moment at least, only available on the 32 GB model.

The Nexus has a Snapdragon quad-core, running at 1.5 GHz. That’s a little slower than the Kindle, but still powerful enough so that most people won’t notice the difference.

Nexus owners will have access to the Google Play environment and there are plenty of Android apps available. Obviously, any Android updates and new apps will be available for the Nexus as soon as they’re released.

The Nexus is a great tablet with good all-around performance. It is priced well below either of the iPads, but in comparison to the Kindle, its slightly slower CPU speed and lack of 4G, except in the higher memory models, might be enough to put some, but probably not too many, buyers off.

However, if you’re looking for something that is a better value than an iPad and which doesn’t “tie you” to Amazon’s content system, then this tabl3t is definitely the best alternative on the market right now.

Google Nexus 10 - best tablet computers for business


Apple has acquired plenty of competition in that short time period – and with tabl3ts making up more than half of computer sales in 2020, competition is bound to be fierce. And that’s great for consumers. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition and plenty of different market offerings to boost consumer value.

The Apple iPad Mini, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus will be the top three tablets for 2021 and probably in that order.

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