Best Tablet for Toddlers to Learn in 2022

Best Tablet for Toddlers to learn in 2021

In this review, you will find out which is the best tablet for toddlers to learn. I recently posted about how, in my opinion, tablet computers are ideal both for kids and seniors. That is based very much on my own experience with my mother-in-law and from feedback received from other users.

Not long after publishing that post, I was sitting with my mother-in-law and my two young nieces – aged 4 and 6. All of them have their own tablet computers, but on that occasion, they were all huddled around one – and all having fun.

What is the best tablet for a kid?

 LeadFrog LeapPad tablet for kids

Both of my own children have tablets. But, as they are quite a bit older, I hadn’t really thought of the usability of tablet computers for kids until I saw my nieces at play.

It’s probably worth pointing out that my nieces are both rocking Kindle Fire tablets. They may be in an age group where some would consider getting a “learning” tablet – such as the LeadFrog LeapPad 2, pictured above right, but their parents opted for a straightforward tablet computer.


The price of best tablet computers has fallen quite a bit recently. The price difference between the “toy” and the “real thing” is pretty small – so you can make your decision based on functionality and how you intend to use the tablet in question.

The LeapPad2 costs around $ 50-99 at the moment. The entry-level Kindle Fire HD (latest model) is currently selling for around 50-80$. It’s not a huge difference, and you might think that it would be worth the extra money for a device that is more versatile. Especially if it is to be shared by other, possibly older, family members.

Best Tablet for Toddlers to learn

LeapPad 2 kids tablet
best tablet for toddlers to learn in 2021
Specially designed “learning” tablets have their own advantages of course.

The software on the LeapPad 2 is specially designed for children by educationalists – and the tablet has most of the functions of a “proper” device. Kids will be able to watch video, take photos, make movies, read books, listen to music – that should be enough to keep them occupied and to encourage them to learn through play.

It’s bright and colorful – and it has been designed to be tough enough for the inevitable bumps that are going to come along.

With a normal tablet, you should be able to find more than enough apps and games to keep your kids entertained. Many of these will be free, or available at low cost. You may have to spend some time to vet them and make sure that they are suitable for your child, but that’s not such a chore (especially the games!).

If you are a member of any video clubs, you will be able to connect your child’s device to the same account. You’ll be able to watch Gladiator on your device while your kids watch cartoons on theirs – at the same time.

Most tablets have parental controls these days to prevent your kids from accessing bad neighborhoods on the net or from accidentally downloading malicious items. There are plenty of security and surveillance apps that you can download to help you safeguard your kid’s tablet time – and many of these are free.

Protecting Your Child’s Tablet Computer

Whichever option you go for, learning tablet or standard ones, you’ll want to ensure that it is adequately protected. Both types are fairly sturdy – gorilla glass is a great invention! However, it makes sense to protect your child’s device as best you can.

Fortunately, there are some very effective methods of doing that, whatever type of table you need to protect. Some of them will even enhance your child’s playtime.

For example, check out this cool “Dora the Explorer” racing car mount for the Kindle Fire. What kid wouldn’t love one of those.
There are also “sponge Bob Square Pants” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” versions available. And there are mountings for both the Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad.
kindle fire inflatable play cube for children
Driving games will be even more fun – and the device will be securely held in place at all times!

Here’s another good solution that allows your children to play with their electronic devices in a safe manner.

This inflatable cube will cushion the device in question and keep it safe from knocks and bumps. It also has its own, integrated screen protector.

Once again, you can choose from a range of cartoon characters – pick the one that your child-kid-toddler likes best. The example on the right is for the Kindle Fire – but other tablts are catered for too.

And, if your child is too “grown-up” for such cartoon-based frivolity, there are plenty of plains, but rugged, cases available to protect a wide range of devices. Some of these are tested by dropping them out of planes – so they’re pretty tough!

Best Tablet for Kids – Conclusion

When searching for Best Tablet for Toddlers and kids is really is a matter of personal choice. Learning tablets are specifically designed for younger children. They often come with bundled software, games, and books – and, if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can usually add extra software apps later.

The price of standard devices has now dropped to the point where they don’t cost much more than the toys which mimic them. They will be quite a bit more flexible – and you should be able to find all the games, apps, and books that your kid will need (often free) – but you may need to take some time to search for these.

Personally speaking, having seen my young nieces in action, I would tend to favor a standard tablt computer for all but the youngest of children these days.