Blue Snowball Mic Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict 2021

blue snowball mic
blue snowball mic

Recently I upgraded my built-in computer microphone with a Blue Snowball mic. Calling this an upgrade is a serious understatement. The Snowball is in its own class, which is clearly proven by comparing pre-Snowball recordings to post-Snowball recordings! This fantastic microphone is beyond impressive, however, there are a few areas that could use a little improvement.

Blue Snowball Mic – The Pros

– great price
– eye-catching design
– sturdy, solid structure
– user-friendly setup and function
– cardioid and omnidirectional capsules
– incredible sound quality
– delivers clean recordings

The great price on this microphone is a steal for the quality it offers. Before Snowball, I never thought that I could have a professional quality microphone for under a hundred dollars. As far as I know, there is no other comparable product in this price range.

The eye-catching design is a another plus for me. I love when things look pretty, and the retro style design of the Snowball fits the bill. In addition to offering a cool, old-fashioned look, it’s also sturdy and seemingly durable. Since I’ve only had it for a few months, I can’t say much about long-term dependability, but its solid structure offers confidence.

Besides being affordable and well-made, the setup couldn’t be any easier. Simply connect the USB cord from computer to mic, and the Snowbal is ready to roll! The usability is just as simple as the setup. It’s a cinch to attach the mic to its telescoping tripod base, and the one-button control offers three useful settings. These settings make it easy to switch from cardioid to omnidirectional mode. This allows face-to-mic narrative, live music recording and full room, conversation-style recordings.

All of the above-mentioned features of the Snowball pale in comparison to its sound quality. The tone and clarity are phenomenal, and its crisp, static-free recording is just as impressive. The clean recordings from the Snowball are easily identifiable against the recordings from my old mic.

Overall, I am loving my Snowball mic! You can get the Blue Snowball and Snowball Ice Microphone at

Blue Snowball Mic – The Cons

too-low tripod
no mute button
indicator light

As much as I love my mic, there are a few minor areas where it falls short. The first issue is the tripod. While the tripod is well-constructed and sturdy, the adjustable-height is a little too low for my comfort.

Because I use it primarily for narrative, I have to be quite close to the mic for the best sound. The tripod stand only raises the microphone about eight inches, making me hunch down slightly when using. Maybe this is just a personal preference, as I have heard no mention of this in other reviews.

Another very minor issue is that there is no mute button. I like the simple, practically button-free design, however, a mute button would be nice! That little gripe is nothing in comparison to the annoying red indicator light. In my opinion, the indicator light is the biggest flaw with this product. It stays lit when it’s plugged into the computer, regardless of whether the microphone is being used or not.

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Blue Snowball Microphone – Other Things Worth Mentioning

• long USB cord
• pop filter

Another little detail worth mentioning is that the USB cord is long. I am so sick of buying products that come with five-inch USB cords! The one included with the Snowball is plenty long, and offers decent mobility.

Anyone using the Snowball mic for voice-over work should know that a pop filter is required. Since the face-to-mic cardioid mode requires close contact for optimum sound quality, a pop shield is needed to smooth the recording

Who is addressed to – Verdict

Snowball Microphone – This Product is Perfect For
– podcasters
– YouTubers

The awesome sound quality makes it a great choice for podcasters and YouTubers. It delivers professional sound for a budget-friendly price. However, regardless of the professional capabilities of this microphone, it’s also easy to set up and use, making it a great plug-and-play microphone for gamers. Additionally, another appeal to gamers would be its easy portability.

I highly recommend the Blue Snowball microphone. Anyone looking to upgrade their USB mic to professional quality can do it for an affordable price with this microphone. From form to function, this is the top-notch choice.