Canon Rebel T5 vs T6: Pros, Cons & Verdict [2022]

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Check out this Canon Rebel T5 vs T6 camera comparison if you’re still not sure about which one to choose. Canon has just announced a new updated model of their Rebel T5 camera.

So if you are looking for a new camera or simply want to get an upgrade, then that newly release Canon Rebel T6 may be the best one for you.

When the Rebel T5 came out, it promised excellent quality at an affordable price point. That’s exactly what it delivered, with the usual excellent build and performance from Canon, but no touchscreen or other advanced features.

The T5 has since been followed by the T6, with most of the changes centered around the addition of a touchscreen. On paper at least, this looks to be a welcome addition, with the majority of modern cameras now incorporating touchscreen capabilities.

Is T5 better than T6? Let’s find out.

Key difference between Canon Rebel T5 vs T6 camera

comparing Canon Rebel T5 vs T6 cameras side by side

Canon’s latest model, the Rebel T6, combines many of the improvements made to the previous two models and adds the ability to shoot Full HD video.
Compared with the T5, the T6 is larger, with a larger viewfinder (3.2-inch vs 2.8-inch) and a larger body (8.7mm vs 8.2mm) in exchange for a smaller battery (1600mAh vs 2000mAh).

The T5’s ISO performance was always a little variable, however, so the new ISO 64 setting is a welcome addition. This should make it easier to maintain the same sensitivity at low light as with ISO 100 or 200. The other addition is the high-speed continuous shooting mode, which will make it possible to shoot 8 frames per second at full resolution.

The new Canon camera also has got a new shooting mode that is aimed towards foodies or users who want to take stunning pictures of their meals. Canon claims that their new camera food mode can actually enhance the brightness and color of the food images.

So if you are a food blogger or simply want to share gorgeous images, then this new camera mode of the Canon Rebel T6 may interest you.

In this comparison review, you can learn all about the differences between each camera.

EOS T5 Digital SLR
  • 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor with DIGIC 4 image processor
  • EF-S 18-55mm IS II standard zoom lens expands picture-taking possibilities
  • 3-inch LCD TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor for easy viewing and sharing
  • EOS 1080p full HD movie mode helps you capture brilliant results
EOS T6 Digital SLR
  • Video Capture Resolution: Fhd 1080P
  • Lens Type: Zoom
  • Mounting Type: Bayonet

1. Camera Features

There are a lot of features that the Canon Camera can offer to its buyers.

For example, the new Eos Rebel has got an ISO range from 100 t0 6400, which is a big boost compared to the T5. And on top of that, the maximum ISO range up to 6400 can be expanded all the way up to 12800 if you switch out the lens.

There is also a new 3 fps continuous shooting mode, which can allow you to snap a photo and quick succession.

Plus, the improved camera Intelligent Auto mode will automatically adjust the exposure and do digital enhancements to the captured photo, based on the lighting of the current scene.

You will also not have to purchase an additional flash for the Canon T6 as it already comes with its own built-in flash. This can provide a respectable amount of lighting for the darker shots that you may end up having to take.

Another feature that is not found in the T5 is the new White Priority feature. This white balance mode essentially lets you take images that have got a more neutral color tone to them.

This can be especially useful if you are shooting underneath incandescent light bulbs. The overly white glare from incandescent lighting can be dealt with automatically by the T 6 thanks to this new feature.

2. Processor

The Eos Rebel T6 packs an upgraded DIGIC 4 plus processor. Rebel T5 only had a base standard DIGIC 4. This drastically speeds up image processing and load times. The Rebel T6 actually is much faster compared to the Canon T5 thanks to the DIGIC 4+ process that it has got.

3. Wifi connection

The T6 has got access to Wi-Fi connection features, which can allow you to be ready to share your images the moment that you capture them with your camera. If you want easy access to quick sharing on the internet, then you may want to upgrade from the T5 to the T 6.

Canon Rebel T5 Pros

Canon Rebel T5 1200D pros
Canon Rebel T5 1200D pros
  1. It’s fast, compact and has great image quality
  2. It has some useful features
  3. Camera has fast burst shooting and WiFi
  4. The controls are simple and logical
  5. It’s smaller and more compact than previous generations
  6. It has a decent kit lens
  7. Has great battery life
  8. You get all the advantages of a full-sized SLR, without its bulk and cost
  9. The built-in flash is a plus
  10. It’s versatile enough to do many different kinds of photography

Canon Rebel T5 Cons

Canon Rebel T5 Cons

  1. It’s a bit basic
  2. There are better SLRs out there if you’re looking for faster or higher-quality photos
  3. You don’t get a full array of features on this one
  4. It’s a little underpowered
  5. It’s a lot more expensive than other cameras at the same price
  6. This is a step down from previous generations in terms of image quality

Canon Rebel T6 Pros

Canon T6 Pros

  1. Compact and Lightweight
  2. Weighs Just 1.1 lbs, and 0.8 lbs with lens attached
  3. Includes image-stabilized lens for improved autofocus and image quality in low light
  4. Detachable electronic viewfinder with manual settings
  5. Flexible and advanced features
  6. Has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  7. A wide array of RAW image formats

Canon Rebel T6 Cons

Canon Rebel T6 Cons

  1. The screen lacks auto white balance
  2. Canon’s DSLR image quality is not as impressive as competitor brands
  3. Image quality is no match for smaller point-and-shoot models
  4. The raw file size is large
  5. Canon’s image processing engine lacks aggressive image quality adjustments

Canon Rebel T5 vs T6 Verdict: Which camera is right for you?

The price of the cameras is not that much. Rebel T6 It also comes bundled with its own lens kit, from 18 to 55mm. If those added features and accessories are worth the 150 dollar price difference, then by all means that T6 offers great value.

Those are the major things you need to know in this comparison. Hopefully, now, you should be better equipped to choose which one would best suit you more. After all, the price, specifications, and features of each DSLR will depend on which model that you get!

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