Kobo eReader Review

Kobo eReader Review [2018-2019]

Kobo eReader Review – Kobo is an entry level eReader targeted at a group of people who just don’t mind about all the additional features of the Kindle and the Nook, and would rather have a gadget that is targeted solely at reading books – or in this case eBooks. In this regard, I should […]

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review – The Kindle Fire HD is a sleek, portable, state of the art tablet that integrates several distinguishing features and applications into one device. This advanced 7” HD Display tablet comes in 16 gig and 32 gig hard drive space. Kindle Fire HD 7 Review This device was created to […]
Kindle Fire 7th Generation

Kindle Fire 7th Generation – Review

Kindle Fire 7th generation Kindle Fire 7th generation has excellent value for the price and improvements over first generation Fire. Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch Color Multi Touch Android Tablet, which I found it to be a very popular product on amazon, i decided to buy it and after using it i am posting my honest […]

Kindle vs Sony reader

Kindle vs Sony reader – Comparison and Review

Kindle vs Sony reader Kindle vs Sony reader – Sony have been in the ereader market for more then five years and after losing a lot of their market to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, they have bounced back with the new improved Sony ebook reader with Wi-Fi. Design and navigation of the Sony reader […]

Sony PRS 505 Review Reader

Sony PRS 505 Review Reader

Sony PRS 505 Review – Sony first started delving into the eReader market all the way back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2007’s Sony PRS-505 that they really turned the page, so to speak. This model is very portable, since it is the same size as a paperback novel, and it has Sony’s sleek, […]
What is the best ereader to buy

What is the best ereader to buy? Review and Comparison

What is the best ereader to buy What is the best ereader to buy – What do I need to know to determine which Ereader should I buy ? Displaying text clearly and well for the purpose of reading books is what e-readers do. Here are a few other features you must insist upon: 1. […]

Kindle vs Kobo ereader

Kindle vs Kobo ereader . Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

Kindle vs Kobo ereader If you are an avid reader, you will probably be thinking of investing in an electronic reader. In today’s battle Kindle vs Kobo ereader we will review the Kobo Touch and the Amazon Kindle. See the best Kobo Tablets according to reviews on amazon.com Kobo’s design The Kobo ereader, Kobo Touch […]
Is Kindle worth it

Is Kindle worth it ? Why to buy a Kindle?

Is Kindle worth it As a former librarian with a great reverence for the written word and books, I never dreamed that I would want an Amazon Kindle reader, until I started to ask myself if Is Kindle worth it and research all about the Kindle. One of our favorite tasks in the library was […]

Kindle vs iPad

Kindle vs iPad : Which one is better? Comparison and Review

Kindle vs iPad – This two are excellent tablets that offer unparalleled reading and experience for its users. Both devices have their own strengths and drawbacks that make it highly difficult to point out which excels over the other. Let’s leave it to the discretion of the reader. In a relentless effort to offer maximum […]
iPad vs Kindle vs Nook

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Since introduction of the ebook reader, a fire has been lit at the book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, each selling their own e-reader, namely the Kindle, the Nook and iPad. Now name brands such as Google, Pandigital, Sony, Augen, Aluratek and many others have […]

Kindle vs Nook

Kindle vs Nook – Which is better? Review [2018-2019]

Kindle vs Nook – In the battle of E-readers, Kindle vs Nook is the heavyweight fight. We will compare some of the statistics and specifications that will help you choose the right one for you. Let’s start with some basic info: The Nook tablet is made by Barnes and Noble and the Kindle is made […]
Google Android Tablet

Is Google Android Tablet Given the iPad a Run for its Money?

is the Google Android Tablet good enought to compete with the iPad? Google Android Tablet The tablet market is expanding profusely with an increasingly popular Google android tablet that’s competing with the iPad. The fierce battle between these major brands is leading to innovations in tablets at a fast rate. However, like in every competition […]