Ebook Readers Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best e-Reader?

Ebook Reader Buying Guide - How To Choose The Best e-Reader

Ebook Reader Features And Buying Guide. How To Choose The Best e-Reader? While there are many models of e-readers available for purchase, there are some key features that all ebook readers share.

Some popular e-readers in the market are Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, Ematic Eglide, Sony Touch Readers, Skytex Primer Color Reader, and many more.

It’s important to realize that some of these models, like the Ematic Eglide and Skytex Primer, are more budget-friendly models and are not necessarily considered top of the line.

Mainly it is the Kindle and Nook that are top-of-the-line ebook readers and are considered to be the two top competitors in the industry.

The overall e-reader reviews for the Kindle and Nook are high from users, but the Kindle reviews are higher from both users and top industry authorities that all seem to agree that the Kindle is the best in ebook reading devices.

What is an ebook reader?

An ebook reader is a handheld mobile device that is used to display digital books and provide for the optimal reading experience.

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The Key Features Of Ebook Readers

how to choose the best e-reader
While there are many models of ebook readers that each has specific features, there are some key features that all eBook readers share.


The controls on most models of book readers are made to be simple, this means there will be a forward and backward page turn button, a directional navigation pad, as well as an on/off switch and a physical keyboard. Touch screen models of these devices have even less controls.

eBook Stores

The majority of readers are linked to a particular eBook store. For instance, the Kindle is linked to the Kindle Store on Amazon.com, the Nook by Barnes and Noble allows users to get books from Barnes & Noble, etc… With some readers you are limited to purchasing books in those specific formats that their respective stores sell, but there are ways to get around this. Some readers support the ePub format which is more universal.


Most of the high end readers come with Wi-Fi Internet connections or 3G and some have both. Amazon offers free global 3G on their 3G Kindle Touch Screen Reader and the 3G Keyboard Kindle.


One of the biggest advantages of ebook readers versus other devices that can display ebooks, like the iPad and other tablets, is they cost much less.

Storage Space

Typically ebook readers can store at least 1500 books, but 3,500 ebooks are more typical, like with the Kindle and Nook.

The Kindle Fire color reader offers free cloud storage and also, ebooks can be stored locally on PC as archives so you do not need to have them all on the reader.

Some readers offer memory expansion with SD card slots, though most people will never need it unless the reader will also store, audiobooks, mp3 files, and picture files that take more space.

User Ratings and Reviews

If you are still undecided which book reader is right for you, then check out the user reviews listed below for the various book readers.