eBook Readers vs Tablets: Pros, Cons & Verdict [2022]

ebook readers vs tablets
ebook readers vs tablets

Here’s our take on the debate eBook Readers vs Tablets, whether to buy an ereader or a tablet. Do you enjoy reading books? If yes, have you bought an e-Book reader yet? If not, you certainly should as soon as you can.

The reason for this is that an eBook reader is an eco-friendly device that saves paper. Deforestation, for making more space and for producing more paper, etc, has been depleting our greener pastures at an alarming rate. And an eBook reader is a device that aims at replacing paper books and reducing the number of trees that are felled each year.

Added to that, eBook readers also make life easier for you. Designed to carry thousands of your favorite books in digital form, eBook readers are light in weight and can be easily carried around in your pocket or a handbag.

At this point that you may ask, why an eBook reader? Why not a Tablet?

eBook Readers vs Tablets

With the introduction of the iPad last year, many predicted the quick demise of the eReader, since the newest device could function as both a computer and an electronic book reader.

However, several significant differences between the two continue to make both the eReader or tablet computer excellent, but equally different, personal electronic devices.

Here’s the rundown:

What is an ebook reader?

Ebook Reader
eReaders are devices that are essentially dedicated to reading. While they do have the capability to surf the internet, the best use of the device is and will continue to be reading your favorite books without the distractions that you will find on other devices not specifically designed for reading.

The best ereaders use E-Ink technology. This means that the page that you are reading on your eReader will appear more like a real book. E-Ink technology also makes it easy to read in places where a tablet computer just won’t do, like outside in bright sunlight.

Currently, the best e-Reader to buy, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, uses E-Ink technology and continues not to include color enhancement.

The reason behind this is simply due to the fact that current technology, in color, actually provides a distracting reading experience that can result in eye strain. If you are an avid reader, this is NOT a negative feature for the device, since 95% of what you read in a traditional novel is not in color.

What is an tablet computer?

What is an Tablet

Tablet computers are devices that are designed to function like personal computers. Not only can they read books, but they can do so much more than the ereader function in a tablet computer is almost like an afterthought.

What is the difference between a tablet and an ebook reader?

As the name goes an eBook reader is nothing but an electronic book reader, which allows you to convert the books into a digitalized form and carry them in one single device.

Although it is an electronic device with a screen, it is not exactly a computer as it is used only to read books, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of print media.

However, a tablet PC, which is much more than just a book reader, can be used for reading and even more like playing videos, music, and rich graphic games.

But then, a tablet is designed for computing and communication, and not specifically for reading books.

To decide whether you should go for a dedicated e-book reader or a tablet, here are a few aspects you should consider.

Ebook Readers versus Tablets: In-Depth Comparison


On one hand, the e-readers come with the e-ink technology that provides a black and white display that does not strain the eye.

The tablet PC on the other hand would have a backlit screen that can affect your eyesight if exposed to for a long time.

Even though most ebook readers come with a grayscale display, the advantage with them is that you can read for long hours and still not worry about harming your eyes.

Reading for a long time, however, may not be possible or advisable on tablets.


An ereader is small and is meant only for reading books, although some of the latest versions do come with a web browser and a music player.

The tablet PC is usually bigger and weighs more than most e-readers today.


E-readers are way cheaper when compared to a tablet PC, which makes it a better option if you need a device only to carry and read your books.


The latest e-readers, like tablet PCs, come with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, which allow users to access and download all the books they want on the internet, from wherever they are.

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Tablets vs Ebook Readers: Verdict

As an avid reader, I chose to purchase both an eReader and a tablet computer. And, this is a decision that I do not regret in the least. For the best true reading experience, no device matches the Amazon Kindle, and for the best computing experience, no device matches the Motorola Xoom.

And, my advice to you is to choose the best device for your needs…and, if you find you need to, get both devices! You won’t be sorry!

The advantage of an ereader is that you won’t get easily distracted from what you are doing, which is reading.

Unless you want a multi-purpose device, which can also be used to read books occasionally, an ereader is what you should be considering for reading books.