Echo Show 5 vs 8: Here are 5 reasons why you may want to stay with the Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 versus echo show 8 comparison
Echo Show 5 vs 8
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I love my Echo Show 5. It’s a smart home device and Alexa skill machine. I thought the Echo Show 8 was interesting, but not compelling enough to upgrade my product. So I went with the 5. It’s great for my home and family.

The Echo Show 8 has better microphones for better sound quality. But there are a lot of reasons to stay with the 5.

Echo Show 5 vs 8

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to stay with the Echo Show 5

echo show 5
echo show 5

1. A Better Speaker

Echo Show 5 has a soundbar on it. Echo Show 8 has built-in speakers. While you can use external speakers on the 5, they are much less enjoyable. The built-in speaker is better in all ways. It’s louder, has better bass, and sounds just much nicer.

The bar doesn’t have enough of bass to really move furniture around in the room. For that, the built-in speaker does a better job. There are some ways around this though. I had better luck just turning off the bar.

That makes the sound of music or books a bit better, but the sound coming from the built-in speaker is superior in all other ways.

2. More Control

The 5 has a much better control experience than the 8. It lets you do much more. For one, it can connect to most screens, which you can get on the 8.

3. Alexa

Both the 5 and 8 support Alexa. But the 5 can have “interactive content”. Alexa is actually smart enough to know when there is a screen next to you. And can control it. That’s very useful if you have a smart TV or Google Home. It just makes it better.

4. Voice Assist

echo show 8
The 8 has an amazing voice assist. Alexa is better at finding things, using contextual commands, and answering questions. The 5 is better for the basics like changing the volume or turning on and off the TV.

So for voice assist, the 5 is better. It’s just a bit annoying when the 5 is trying to do the same thing as the 8 when you ask it to do something.

The 5 also has a much more advanced voice system. The 8 really uses Alexa as a smart speaker, when it should really be using Alexa as a dumb one. The 5 uses Alexa as the voice assistant and the smart speaker. That makes a much more natural experience for all the things Alexa can do.

Echo Show 5 versus 8 Final Verdict

I like Alexa a lot. If I could have two, I would definitely have a 5 and an 8. I like both. I just like the 8 more. And I like my 5 for all the basic stuff. And my 8 for when I want to be able to talk to it like a smart speaker.

Overall, the 5 and 8 are both great products. I’d have a hard time making a choice. But I do like the Alexa system better in the 8.