Is Google Android Tablet Given the iPad a Run for its Money?

Is the Google Android Tablet good enough to compete with the iPad?

Google Android Tablet Review

The tablet market is expanding profusely with an increasingly popular Google android tablet that’s competing with the iPad. The fierce battle between these major brands is leading to innovations in tablets at a fast rate. However, like in every competition there needs to be a winner. Both brands are capturing exceptional sales records and producing well-built devices.
So, where the question lies is: Has the Google Android tablet given the iPad a run for its money?

With all the speculation about Google’s new Android tablet, the rumors about Apple’s iPad 3 are also increasing. Many people believe that with the introduction of the iPad 3Apple will drastically lower the price for their current iPad 2 models. This will be a direct threat to the future Google Android Tablet.

The much hyped iPad product line will become more accessible to more facets of the market. Unless Google produces a viable competitor to the iPad it’s unlikely that they will defeat Apple in the tablet wars.

The other tablet on the market with a watered down version of Android is the Kindle Fire. Like Google’s future Android tablet the Kindle Fire costs two hundred dollars. Although the Kindle Fire contains various impressive attributes, the incoming Android tablet from Google will surely have better specs along with a more open app marketplace. This past holiday season when the Kindle Fire was released, the sales in iPads has drastically fallen.

Using this data, one can conclude that if the Kindle Fire hurt the sales of the iPad, the more advanced Google Android tablet will follow the same path as the Fire and spoil the sales of Apple’s iPad.
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Google Tablet vs Ipad

Google Android TabletOver the past few months Google has been revamping Android in an attempt to fix some of the problems related to platform fragmentation. It is also known that this newer version of Android, Android 4.0, will be installed into newer, faster tablet PCs throughout the market. This new development will compete directly with Apple’s iOS on their iPad.

Moreover, Google has been suspected of making their own tablet PC and implementing the new upgraded version of Android in it. The battle has begun.

Ever since these rumors came to light, the tech community has been gossiping non-stop. One of the more new rumors states that Google’s new tablet will be a 7-inch device that will be top-of-the-line. (Google Android Tablet 7.0)

The exciting part: It’s rumored that it’s going to be only around two hundred dollars! A tablet running the full Android operating system at such a low price will surely give the iPad a significant challenge.


All in all, Google’s new Android tablet will surely give the iPad a run for its money. With the projected low-cost of Google’s tablet computer and its advanced Android operating system, a dangerous adversary to Apple’s iPad will arise this year. Moreover, as tablets become cheaper and more available to the general public the overpriced iPad will become less desirable than cheaper tablet computers, which fundamentally performs the same functions.

Android Tablet will shake up the tablet market and become the iPad’s first true competitor.

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