How to Download Books to Kindle: Guide

How to Download Books to Kindle
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If you already own a Kindle device or are planning to get one, the first thing that you would want to know is of course, How to Download Books to Kindle. You can do this directly with the use of the Kindle’s wireless technology.

How to Download Books to Kindle

8 Steps for downloading books directly to your Kindle:

  • 1. Power on your device. The first thing that you will see on the screen is your home page. If the screen is not defaulted to the homepage, just click on the Home button located on the Kindle’s right side.
  • 2. Then you will need to access the Amazon Kindle Store at To do this, first, click on the Menu button on your device found on the lower right side corner of your device.
  • 3. Once a screen pops out on the right side, first choose Turn Wireless On. Then scroll down to Shop in Kindle Store.
  • 4. As soon as you are connected to the Amazon Store, you will find a wide variety of options for your reading content that you can download to your device – Books, Blogs, Magazines, and Newspapers. You can even access the latest New York Times Best Sellers.
  • 5. If you click on Books, for instance, you will then be asked to choose from additional categories. Choose a category, then scroll through the list of books until you find the book of your choice. Alternatively, you may also enter the name of the book you are looking for.
  • 6. If you’re not sure about a certain book, you have the option to try a sample, usually the first chapter of a book, which can be downloaded to your ebook reader in seconds.
  • 7. When you’ve made your choice, use the 5-way controller on the Kindle’s right side to click the Buy button, and then just wait for the ebook to be delivered to your device. This would only take about a minute.
  • 8. You can go back to browsing for more titles, or just go and enjoy reading your new book.
  • How to download books on kindle for free

There are three different ways to download your favorite ebooks for free to any eReader on the market:

Download by Plug into Your Computer via USB Cable

Nearly every electronic reader on the market comes with a USB cable that conveniently plugs into both your eReader and any computer with an internet connection. Once you’re plugged in, it’s just a simple matter of navigating to the menu selection on your eReader that connects you to the eBook store for your eReader, or with some eReaders, whichever eBook store you prefer.

Download with WIFI

WIFI refers to a wireless internet connection and does not require a USB cable that is connected to a computer. Most homes with more than one computer already have a wireless network with a high-speed internet connection. Also, as well as dozens of other places, like coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, hotels, libraries, and more.

Connecting your eReader to a wireless network is, again, as easy as locating the “Turn Wireless On/Off” setting on your eReader and ensuring that it’s on. From there, you simply select the option to either surf the internet to go to your favorite bookstore or select the one that automatically connects you to your preferred eBookstore.

Download with 3G

3G refers to a built-in cellular internet connection that works just like your smartphone. It automatically connects to your eBookstore, the internet, your email, and more, depending upon the eReader that you purchase.

Most eReaders, like the Kindle, offer the 3G connection for free. However, if your eReader is also a tablet computer, your 3G connection may be part of a service package that’s required to use the 3G service.

If you travel frequently and often find yourself sitting in airports, hotel rooms, and other areas without an Internet connection, an eReader with 3G is almost a necessity for you. And, if you’re the type that is technologically impaired, an eReader with 3G makes purchasing your ebooks easy for you because you don’t need a computer!

Closing Line

As you can see downloading books directly to your Amazon device is simple and easy.

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