How to Write an eBook that sells in 2 Easy Steps! 2021

how to write an ebook
how to write an ebook that sells

Wondering how to write an ebook that sells? Many people create ebooks but many of them go unsold. This is a waste of time but there are ways to ensure this does not happen to you. An ebook is a digital book that can be read on your computer with a PDF reader. They are becoming more and popular as an alternative to the traditional book. So, how to write a n ebook?

How to Write an eBook

The first thing to know is the subject that you are going to be writing about. Unless you have personal experience with this subject, then you need to start researching. Alternatively, you can find an expert in this area and interview them. You need to have the content written in such a way that people can understand and implement the advice.

Remember that your readers want to solve their problems and have bought the ebook for this reason. Ensure that the chapters are clear and provide real ways for them to get huge benefits from the advice that you offer.

Write the ebook in a word processor, as this is the best way to ensure it is formatted correctly. This will also allow you to remove any spelling and grammar errors that are present. I also recommend that you create an attractive front cover for the eBook, as many people buy based on this fact alone. You might need to pay someone to design a graphic for you. This is a worthwhile investment if you are unable to create it yourself. Once the ebook is complete in the word processor, you need to convert it into a PDF document.

A PDF document is a file format that can be read on nearly all computers and handheld devices. It also provides extra security for your ebook and stops people from infringing on your intellectual property.

In order to convert it into a PDF document, you will need to use a PDF converter program. Sometimes these can be expensive, but there are a few free ways to do this. I recommend that you download a free version of OpenOffice or Word 2007, as these allow you to convert a word processing file into a PDF document free of charge. The feature is built into the software.

You then need to create a website in order to sell your new ebook. Use Dreamweaver to create the website. You will need a sales page that gives the benefits of the ebook and why people should buy it. You also need to have a PayPal button on that page. This will let people send you money. You can find this button inside your PayPal account. You then need to paste the code into your sales page.

Once someone has bought the ebook, you need to deliver it to him or her. For this to work, you need a download page that links directly to your ebook. When someone orders and pays via PayPal, they must be directed to the download page in order to download the ebook immediately.

Once you have all these steps taken care of, you have a complete ebook publishing business established. You are ready to start sending traffic to the website and making sales for years to come.
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How To Find Hot Topics to Write About for Your Ebook?

Finding a hot topic on which to create an ebook around is the number one task for anyone wanting to make money online. Without a hot topic and profitable marketplace, you will not make any money, regardless of how good the ebook is.

In order to overcome this first hurdle, I have put together a number of tips that will help you to find a profitable market to base your ebook around.

In order to find a hot topic, the best thing you can do is find where money is currently being spent. The best method of doing this is to find the best-selling books and ebooks. You can look at Amazon, Clickbank, and also lists of the top searches online. Let’s look at Amazon first.

Amazon is the number one book-selling site on the internet and virtually everyone has heard of it. If you ask the average man or woman in the street, they know about Amazon, even if they don’t know about the Internet. Amazon is the best place to get started when looking for new ebook ideas. You can sort their list by the top-selling books. This is a treasure trove of information and tells you what is currently selling well.

Next, you should look at Clickbank. Go to the marketplace and use the search feature to find the best-selling ebooks in all categories. Just looking at this list can give you a host of ideas for many different ebook hot topics. The key here is to find what is already selling well and then create something that can accompany it or partner with it.

This will give you a huge advantage over everyone else, and you will be able to tap into an existing marketplace that has thousands of buyers already. This is what the most successful ebook marketers do, and why they keep making more money than everyone else.

You can also use a number of online tools to find what is currently hot and what people are searching for. I would suggest using the Google trends tool in order to find out what the most searched phrases have been. You can also find out what people are interested in right now. Creating an ebook about a current hot topic is the best way to ensure a profitable venture from the start.

Another place to look for hot topics is blog sites. You can find the most visited blogs on the Internet by using Google tools. Because blogs are so popular and updated daily, they give you a strong indication of what people are interested in and what they are buying.


If you combine all of the ideas above, you will be able to brainstorm a number of very profitable topics that can make you a lot of money. The market research might take a little longer than you had hoped for, but the time is well spent.

Failure to conduct proper market research will only cost you money in the long term. There are no point in spending hours on ebook creation unless you know that it’s going to be successful. The best way to guarantee this is by first finding profitable markets and hot topics.