Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? What does the subscription include?

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Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? When people think of technological advances, book reading probably isn’t on their mind.

In fact, people tend to see technology and books as polar opposites. But is this association really warranted?

Devices like the Kindle or Nook revolutionized reading for millions of people across the globe and have increased accessibility to all manner of books.

These online platforms have also greatly empowered authors by giving them an opportunity to self-publish, circumventing the publishing industry altogether.

These tools have allowed thousands of new authors to get their work out in the open and reach entirely new audiences.

This is a win for both readers and writers as it has provided the reading world with books such as The Martian, and Holy Island by LJ Ross.

But self-publishing doesn’t come without a downside. Without the intense filter of publication companies, most books can be published on these platforms without much work.

These can lead to questionable standards, poor quality, and little to no editing, which might leave readers questioning their purchase.

That’s where programs like this one comes in. So, is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

What is Kindle Unlimited ?

what is kindle unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based membership that operates much like a library card. Subscribers have full access to the Kindle library filled with 1,000,000+ books. You can “borrow” up to ten books at a time and keep them for however long you need.

The program provides a flexible and easy-to-use system that is quite reminiscent of an online library card.

Users will have access to a wide selection of content that can keep them reading for years. But don’t expect every new release and popular title to be added to the library, in fact, it seems that the majority of the Kindle library is comprised of indie and self-published books.

What does Kindle Unlimited include?

What does Kindle Unlimited include
The membership includes ebooks, magazines, and even audiobooks. So there is a lot of content to choose from. But for those looking to read mainstream titles upon release, the program might not be the best choice for you. While having an extensive library of over a million books provides a wide selection to choose from, many of those books are self-published titles from indie or beginner authors.

This can provide access to a ton of new and exciting books and authors looking to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to mainstream names and popular published series. But don’t let that detour you if you are looking for new books to get into.

While the library may be comprised of lesser-known books, that doesn’t mean they are all of poor quality. There is a wide selection of content that boasts a rating of 4 to 5 stars.

As the publishing world changes, more and more books are being self-published online to gain traction before going into full print. So the next indie book you read may just be the next New York Times Best Seller.

How much is Kindle Unlimited – Cost

Kindle Unlimited Cost
The Kindle Unlimited subscription costs $9.99/month, so avid readers can easily get their money’s worth by reading just a few books a month. For subscription you can Subscribe here on

Kindle Unlimited vs. Prime Reading

There are a few different options for those looking for similar services. Each one comes with its own unique aspects and advantages.

Prime Reading is one of the alternatives to Kindle Unlimited and operates off of the same premise. Users can select up to ten books at a time and read them as they please. Unfortunately, the Prime library is considerably smaller with a little over 1,000 different options to choose from. This includes a variety of books, magazines, and comics, and readers can expect a bit more mainstream content as opposed to its rival.

For those with Amazon Prime, Prime Reading comes along with the subscription so there aren’t any extra fees. However, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime subscriber then you will have to pay $12.99/month for the full package. Of course, this gives you access to Amazon Prime Two Day Delivery, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, and so much more.

But for an avid reader, a library of around 1,000 different books and magazines might not be enough. It certainly pales in comparison to the extensive library of KindleUnlimited and its selection of over a million different books and audiobooks.

For those with Amazon Prime, Amazon Reading is an excellent addition to the range of services the subscription provides. However, with a limited library of only 1,000 pieces of content, readers may find themselves looking for more.

Kindle Unlimited vs. Scribd

Scribd is probably the most similar platform and definitely offers the widest selection of material. With over a million different works including many mainstream titles, Scribd has a lot to offer for $8.99/month. This can be a great option for those looking for more popular and established titles. The downside is that Scribd significantly limits the number of books you can read and choose from.

When starting out, users are able to choose up to 3 ebooks or 2 audiobooks per month. However, if you are a fast reader and can make it through those books before the month ends, then your selection of replacement books is severely diminished. Readers will only be able to browse a limited library until the new month starts wherein they can access the full library once again.

Scribd is by far the biggest competitor for Kindle Unlimited, and its extensive library of mainstream content can seem quite attractive. The caveat is the limited number of books users can read per month. But if you don’t see yourself making it through 2-3 books a month, then the cap on books might not even bother you.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? – Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few different services and options to explore when considering which service might suit you. The membership offers a lot of great flexibility with its 10 book limit and competitive pricing. With a library filled with over a million different pieces of material, it can supply you with endless hours of indie books and up-and-coming titles looking for their big break.

For those looking to get their subscription started, you can use this link to register and gain access to a library brimming with possibility. Who knows, you might just pick up and read the next big thing before most of the world knows about it.