Kindle Keyboard 3G Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

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The introduction of the Kindle Keyboard 3G meant that the Kindle was thinner, lighter, and faster than ever before. This amazing piece of technology is only 1/3” thick but can still store 3,500 books and has a battery life of two months. Continue to read our Kindle Keyboard 3G Review to find out more.

We think our readers will find that they can read books on the kindle for hours without feeling any discomfort because it weighs only 8.7 ounces. The sleekly designed unit can be held very comfortably in one hand. Like other products, in the Kindle range, this e-reader uses an E Ink display that is clear and crisp. It reads just like real paper with no glare.

You can get this product with 3G or wifi Internet capability. There are no annual contracts or monthly fees to be worried about. Simply enjoy being able to browse the Internet on your new device.

Other features that customers are used to are included such as the large range of books, the text to speech function, and the option to sample books before you buy them.

Kindle Keyboard 3G In-Depth Review

kindle keyboard 3g review

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Kindle Keyboard 3G Standout Features

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  • Read through millions of different books, newspapers, audiobooks and games.
  • Interactive keyboard.
  • Stores 3,500 books (4GB).
  • Battery life of two months.
  • Adjustable text sizes and font choices.
  • Full image zoom.
  • Fast page turn.

What to expect from the Kindle Keyboard?

The device has received some fantastic feedback. It is a huge seller on Amazon and has been reviewed over 32,000 times. 72% of its reviewers have given it a five-star rating. This product provides all the great features that are associated with the Kindle Paperwhite series with the addition of a keyboard.

So is the Kindle Worth it?

What are the Cons?

The Kindle device has received a number of negative reviews but we feel that this was inevitable because it has been reviewed so many times.

Unfortunately, a lot of the complaints have been about the unit’s keyboard. There are lots of reviewers who have said that they find the keys too close together, which makes it hard to type effectively. Also, the fact that there are no individual numbers on the keyboard similarly detracts from the usability of the product.

Another thing we found was that reviewers think that the PDF reader is quite poor. Customers have had trouble resizing PDF documents and reading them. If viewing PDF documents is a priority for you then we suggest you check out Amazon’s Kindle DX model.

What are the Pros?

In our review, we found that the device has received an extremely large number of positive reviews.

There really are so many features that customers are impressed with and we will list the most common compliments made for the product.

The feature that most customers really like is the unit’s size. It’s smaller than previous models and also light enough to hold with one hand while reading. Reviewers have found that it is a perfect size and very comfortable to read books on.

Another common compliment that we found during our research was for the unit’s display. Reviewers like the contrast of the screen and find that reading is generally easier than the previous models.

Other features that the customers are impressed with include that you can read samples of books before you buy them, that you can turn pages very fast, that the storage space is a lot bigger than previous versions, and that it has long battery life.

Kindle Keyboard 3G – Review Verdict

After the review, would we recommend this device to our customers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

It’s a shame that there have been a few complaints about the keyboard, but we really like that the customers are impressed with the unit’s size and how comfortable it is to hold while reading. We also like that the display is clear and we think our readers will really enjoy reading books on this.

Our recommendation pales in comparison to the persuasion offered by 23,700 five-star ratings so you should definitely have a look at these reviews if you are unsure about purchasing this product.

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