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Kindle vs iPad : Which one is better?

This two are excellent tablets that offer unparalleled reading and experience for its users. In a Kindle vs iPad comparison both devices have their own strengths and drawbacks that make it highly difficult to point out which excels over the other. Let’s leave it to the discretion of the reader. In a relentless effort to offer maximum value, both devices are equipped with top of the line features and new impressive additions to attract readers.

Undoubtedly, both are great innovative pieces of technology and are two true wonders that leave the users gasping for breath. Let’s continue with our Kindle vs iPad Comparison and Review.

Kindle vs iPad

1. Kindle is affordable whereas iPad is a little more expensive.
2. Kindle is lighter weight, thinner, more compact and more portable.
3. Books are cheaper on Kindle store compared to Apple Store.
4. With the full backing of AT&T, the 3G and Wifi connectivity in the iPad is much more powerful. Also, it currently is the only one to have blue tooth capabilities.
5. Compared to iPad’s 10 hours battery life, Kindles tend to have better battery life. Some of which is said to last over a month.
6. More applications are available on Apple whereas Kindle has fewer options.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
355 Reviews
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  • The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet-with a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.
  • Now waterproof, so you're free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath.
  • Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, comics, and audiobooks.
  • Now with Audible. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.

Apple iPad
1,572 Reviews
Apple iPad
  • 9.7-inch Retina display, wide color and true tone
  • A9 third-generation chip with 64-bit architecture
  • M9 motion coprocessor
  • 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera
  • 8MP iSight camera

Kindle vs iPad review

Both Kindle and iPad are great products, even though they are all great they contrast in so many ways. The differences between Kindle vs iPad that are experienced by iPad and Kindle users originate from the main function of each device.

The iPad is a multimedia device that provides its users with services that are related to digital media whereas Kindle is a device that is aimed at allowing one to access and be able to read different book formats. Continue to read our review to find out more interesting facts.

iPad vs Kindle Design

Apple’s design of products is second to none in my opinion so the Fire never stood a chance of matching the clean and crisp appearance of the iPad 1 or 2. That said, the Fire is neat and tidy and does not look or feel cheap despite the fact that it is indeed cheap.

iPad vs Kindle Display

The iPad has a colored display that allows one to visualize data in a more modern look, whereas Kindle has a black and white display, this goes back to the functions.

The iPad is equipped with a colorful display since it is supposed to allow one to access digital media, this media includes; videos, podcasts, TV shows and photographs, without a color display the pictures will lack contrast, vividness and a clear distinct keenness to detail.

Kindle on the other hand will do pretty impressive in displaying text since it only uses the two colors used in print media. Also it will probably perform better in displaying text. And it will provide clear and clean texts and allow a reader to concentrate on the e-book since the experience will be just as reading the real book off of a counter.

Screen Resolution

In the beginning function that mostly limited to reading purposes it was suffice to have only 600×800 screen resolution. Behold the Apple proudly announces its massive screen resolution at 1024×768 which can utilize more of the multimedia purposes such as videos and photo displays. Things had changed Now and the 2018 model iPad Pro ha a staggering 2732 x 2048 pixel 264 ppi while the Paperwhite 4 for example has 1448 × 1072 300 ppi.

Kindle vs iPad for reading

Kindle solely serves the purpose of reading, for hardcore readers it is the best option. Given the price range, it is highly affordable. On the other hand, iPad is a multipurpose, versatile device, has varied functions other than just reading and is best suited for occasional readers who wants more out of a tablet. Users cannot only read books, download and watch movies, play games, and access internet, but also use the iPad as a device that encompasses all capabilities of a netbook or a PC.

Given the attractive color settings in iPad, e-books, magazines and newspapers are pleasurable to read in iPad, however not suited for prolonged reading. Strains eyes easily. Kindle has crisp and clearly formatted text. Suited for extensive reading. It is also readable in direct light while iPad is not suitable for outdoors reading.

e-Books and formats

Books on Apple are downloaded from Apple iBookstore and books on Kindle can be downloaded from the Amazon store. Both the stores have huge stock of books ranging from Fiction, nonfiction , Science, Business, Comics, children books and also offer wide varieties of magazines and newspapers.

There are over 20,000 e- books available for download on to an Apple device whereas Kindle has over a huge 700,000 books available. Books for both can be located at numerous other websites and can be downloaded by paying a onetime fee as opposed to paying each time while buying a book on Apple store or Amazon. Books for Apple machines can only be read through an iPad or iPhone, on the contrary Kindle books can also be downloaded and read on smart phones and a computer using an app.

Both use their own native formats; iPad uses universal e-pub format whereas Kindle has AZW format. Nevertheless any other format like PDF, Jpeg, HTML, Plain Text, PNG, BMP etc can be easily converted to readable format in both the devices.

Kindle uses whispernet technology that allows sending and receiving of content easily. It allows contents to whisper sync and can be opened in any other device at the very same place where it was left opened.

iPad vs Kindle Functionalities

Kindle uses a break through e-ink technology to display its contents. It offers glare- free viewing that makes even outdoor reading possible. However, this gives it an edge as its competitor’s screen becomes dark and the text cannot be easily read in day light. E-ink technology produces a crisp, clear text in easily readable format.

iPad has a IPS display with a 9.7 inch color screen and aesthetically designed layout which gives it an advantage over most Kindle e-readers are black and white and do not have such rich color settings. Except for the new Fire, which comes with a color screen.

The brightness, font size, etc can easily adjusted in both the devices. Both devices have powerful built in dictionary and in some of the Kindle version like DX, wiki screen pops out giving all information regarding a particular word or character. Both device provides note taking and search feature.

Fire vs Apple iPad navigation

Easily possible in iPad through its touch Screen, pages can be scrolled up and down and across by dragging the screen or tapping with finger. Only the Kindle Touch and Fire have a touch screen navigator. Other versions (3G, 1, 2, etc) use sliders and 4 way button for navigation. The two sliders given on each side of the Kindle allows scrolling of pages up and down.

Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad size and thickness

At 21.28 ounces the Apple device is almost 50% heavier than the 14.6 ounces Fire. The Fire device has a smaller 7 inch screen compared to the 9.7 inch iPad 2 screen. This one is really a matter of users taste but for me the Fire is the clear winner here as I like to take my tablet with me most of the time so the fact that it can sit comfortably in my coat jacket and does not weigh me down makes it the winner on size for me.

Kindle offer a sweet composure by having only 0.36 inches for its user while iPad thinks that “what’s a 0.15 inches differences compared to the built in function such as bigger memory it can store makes?” iPad comes to the market with a 0.5 inches thickness which they say will stimulate a very proud feeling In bringing it everywhere.

How long is the battery going to last?

Let’s say some concrete numbers about Kindle and iPad battery life – the official numbers for iPad’s battery life are 10 hours use and 1 month standby compared to Kindle’s 1 week with wireless and 2 weeks of battery life without wireless. These big differences are due to the different screens and processor capabilities of the two machines. It seems that the Kindle is the winner in that section of the battle. It can go for days and even weeks without the need of recharging.

However if we compare the The Fire vs iPad 2: battery will last up to 8 hours but the Apple device boasts up to 10 hours continuous use including Wi-Fi so the Apple 2 is the clear winner here.

Processor & Operating System

The Fire runs on a heavily customized Android operating system which Amazon have developed to restrict Fire user’s from taking advantage of the huge amount of free Android content available. The Apple machine runs on the iOS which is very easy to operate and navigate with. The failure of Amazon’s Silk Browser to live up to expectations and the fact that only a fraction of Android apps are compatible to the Fire’s custom operating system make the iPad 2’s iOS the winner here.

Both the Fire and the Apple iPad 2 run on a dual-core ARM processor so both tablets are evenly matched in processor power.

Storage space & conectivity

Among the differences between iPad and Kindle is the capability of data storage. Both gadgets require one to have some memory to store data.

When it comes to Kindle the data that it stores is normally in small compressed sizes, the data may be compressed into formats such as PDFs. This is a great advantage since page scans require a lot of space. Thus Kindle does not require large allocations of memory.

The Apple device can be bought with 16 / 32 / 64 GB options depending on how much you are willing to spend. The Fire comes with 6 GB of usable memory but Amazon do offer unlimited cloud storage for content purchased through Amazon. 🏆 Winner: Tie

Both have 3G and Wifi connectivity, highly useful for downloading books and other content even while travelling.

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Price and value

For those of us on a budget or those who are prepared to live without some of the nice-to-have features found on the Apple iPad 2, then the Fire is a clear winner here. It will be interesting to see in future versions of both tablets whether Apple will reduce their cost to better compete against the Fire or if indeed Amazon will be forced to up it’s prices once some issues from the first generation Fire are resolved in future versions. For now, it’s Kindle Fire all the way on price.

What can you do on an iPad device

– You can use the Microsoft Office suite to create documents, create presentations, share documents, create forms such as invoices and type, write or dictate notes.
– Host online video meetings.
– It 2 has two cameras, a back facing one which can be used for high definition video recording, or a front facing one which can be used as a still camera and face to face video calls – ideal for calling home or for business use. The video can be used to link up and share your happening moments in real time.
– You can edit your videos using the iMovie app. When you shoot a new video with your Apple device, it is automatically sent to iMovie for editing where you can insert photos, text and graphics combine and edit clips, add a soundtrack or sound effects and more.
– Read and send emails.
– Surf the Internet using the Safari browser and with the new, improved iOS 4.3 operating system and 1GHz dual core processor the iPad 2 is faster than iPad 1, with graphics being up to nine times faster.
– Use iTunes Home Sharing to access the musical content from your iTunes library anywhere in the house via your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi.
– Stream videos through AirPlay to the big screen.
– Use video mirroring to connect your device to a high definition TV which will then mirror what is on the iPad screen in whichever orientation you hold it.
– Automatically synch between all of your Apple devices using iCloud. Download a song or take a photo on one and it appears on any others.

iPad other features

– You can use the side switch on the device to lock in the screen orientation or use it as a mute switch.
– Your iPhone 4 can be used as a Wi-Fi access point for other Wi-Fi devices – this is a really cool feature and one that I have accessed via my android phone when we kept losing our Internet connection.
– More than 140,000 apps to chose from.
– The magnetic cover which comes in 10 different colours, can be folded back to make a stand which will hold the Apple machine at an angle for typing or upright for viewing movies. As soon as the cover is lifted the iPad “wakes up” and goes back into sleep mode as soon as the cover is placed back. This is a great prop for business presentations and I was most impressed the first time that I saw it.

What can you do on Kindle Fire

– In the Kindle vs iPad debate, it is important to keep in mind exactly which each device was created for, and Fire is primarily an ebook reader but with a lot of other cool features.
– You can choose from millions of ebooks; best sellers, comic books, magazines, newspapers, children’s books and classics including thousands of free books. The low cost of the books, even has been a great bonus for this book lover!

– You can read and send emails using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail AOL etc as well as email Word and PDF documents to your device for reading.
– Surf the Internet using the ultra fast Amazon Silk, the cloud-accelerated web browser. Fire machine also has a 1GHz dual core processor same as iPad 2.
– Stream your music from Amazon Cloud Drive or download songs and listen to them on Fire device. There are 18 million songs to choose from in the Amazon store.
– Store your digital content in the cloud using Amazon Cloud – books, movies, music and apps can be downloaded or streamed instantly.
– Amazon Whispersync allows you to sync you library with more than one device – last page read, notes, bookmarks and highlights. Fire device also syncs videos with your TV.

Kindle Fire other features

– The Fire device display has been chemically toughened to make it 20 times more rigid and 30 times more hard-wearing than plastic. Such durability makes it extra resistant to accidental knocks and bumps – it’s an ideal device for children!
– Thousands of the most popular apps available including a paid app for free every day.
– When you purchase a Fire machine you receive a free month of Amazon Prime. This monthly membership includes unlimited, instant streaming of more than 10,000 TV shows and movies, access to thousands of Kindle books through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and free two-day shipping on millions of articles purchased through the store. This is an outstanding feature in Kindle vs iPad if you watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books and/or buy from

iPad Cons and Pros

The Apple iPad is a versatile mini computer and a great resource for people who need to travel and want to conveniently take their business with them.

– The battery lasts up to 25% longer than the Fire.
– It offers 3G in some models. The Fire doesn’t.
– There is a significantly larger number of applications available for the iPad 2.
– It can be purchased with up to 64GB of memory compared to the Kindle’s 8GB.
– Comes with two camera, front and back. The Fire does not have a camera.

iPad Cons

– One of the main disappointments of the iPad is that, because of its slimline design, there are still no USB or SD card ports.
– To use FaceTime you will need a FaceTime-enabled Mac with an Internet connection or a FaceTime-enabled iOS device with a Wi-Fi connection. In other words you will need to connect to another Apple product.
– It is quite a large device for taking photos and videos, but it does have a really comprehensive editing suite.
– iCloud does not store your purchased videos

Kindle Fire and Pros

– Kindle is light enough to hold in one hand so great for reading.
– Amazon Prime members can borrow books as well as stream thousands of popular TV shows and movies.
– Apps for Kindle allow the device content to be used on just about any other devices including all Apple devices which makes Amazon content a lot more versatile.
– The Fire is 46% lighter than the iPad 2 at xxx ounces.
– Fire machine comes with inbuilt Flash support but the iPad 2 does not.
– Amazon content is not limited to the Kindle Fire but Apple content is limited to Apple devices.

Kindle Fire Cons
Not as versatile for business purposes

Which one to choose Kindle vs iPad ?

1.IPad allows one to use other features other than reading of e-books that might not be available for a kindle. The manufacturer will also determine on the choice one makes, this is simply because one will consider the number of applications one’s device can use. The iPad will be a better choice since Apples store of applications has thousands of applications that are compatible with the iPad and can be used in creating personal and business applications.

When it comes to performance one will have to access both devices quantitatively and qualitatively, starting with the Kindle the qualitative performance will depend on its ability to display a book format Clearly, being black and white it is the best in displaying books that are text based since most books are printed in the two colors.

2. The iPad on the other hand will allow one to easily visualize books that incorporate color diagrams in them, since it is color enabled. The details of colored diagrams will be better in this case. IPad in the case of display is superior since it can display both color and black and white text in high definition, whereas Kindle is limited to only black and white.

Quantitatively the IPad is still better for it allows one to access digital media of all forms, from pictures, videos and images. Kindle is limited to only books.

3. The third factor that will determine which is better iPad vs kindle, is the price. Since kindle only offers a few applications it is much cheaper compared to iPad, but is it really worth it?

Bottom line conclusion

The key question is not whether the iPad 2 is a superior tablet to the Kindle Fire. There is no denying it is. The key question is what do you intend to use your tablet for once you have purchased it? Based on your answer to this question you should now be able to quickly identify the tablet best suited to your needs.
When Amazon finally introduced the much awaited Fire device, in the flurry of the initial excitement, many claimed that it would be competition for iPad 2 (this author included). However comparing Kindle vs iPad, is a little like comparing apples with an oranges. They are both beautiful devices in their own right, with wonderful innovative technology but they both serve quite different purposes. Only you can decide which one is the best for you in the Kindle vs iPad hot debate!

The choice of which is better kindle vs iPad , needs one to assess the needs that one has to meet before acquisition of the device. If someone needs to read e-books only then it is best that one buys a kindle, but if one needs more than reading e-books then one needs to buy the iPad.

Depending on the financial ability of one, Apple machine is the better of the two since one gets their moneys value. Kindle will offer one just one capability which means one will have to buy other gadgets to meet the remaining needs, in the long run one will use more money than the price of an Apple device.

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