Kindle vs iPad : Which one is better? Comparison and Review


Kindle vs iPad – This two are excellent tablets that offer unparalleled reading and experience for its users. Both devices have their own strengths and drawbacks that make it highly difficult to point out which excels over the other. Let’s leave it to the discretion of the reader. In a relentless effort to offer maximum value, both devices are equipped with top of the line features and new impressive additions to attract readers. Undoubtedly, both are great innovative pieces of technology and are two true wonders that leave the users gasping for breath. Let’s continue with our Kindle vs iPad Comparison and Review.

Kindle vs iPad for reading

Kindle solely serves the purpose of reading, for hardcore readers it is the best option. Given the price range, it is highly affordable. On the other hand, iPad is a multipurpose, versatile device, has varied functions other than just reading and is best suited for occasional readers who wants more out of a tablet. Users cannot only read books, download and watch movies, play games, and access internet, but also use the iPad as a device that encompasses all capabilities of a netbook or a PC.

Given the attractive color settings in iPad, e-books, magazines and newspapers are pleasurable to read in iPad, however not suited for prolonged reading. Strains eyes easily. Kindle has crisp and clearly formatted text. Suited for extensive reading. It is also readable in direct light while iPad is not suitable for outdoors reading.

Functionalities – Kindle vs iPad

Kindle uses a break through e-ink technology to display its contents. It offers glare- free viewing that makes even outdoor reading possible. However, this gives it an edge as its competitor’s screen becomes dark and the text cannot be easily read in day light. E-ink technology produces a crisp, clear text in easily readable format.

iPad has a IPS display with a 9.7 inch color screen and aesthetically designed layout which gives it an advantage over most Kindle e-readers are black and white and do not have such rich color settings. Except for the new Kindle Fire, which comes with a color screen. The brightness, font size, etc can easily adjusted in both the devices. Both devices have powerful built in dictionary and in some of the Kindle version like DX, wiki screen pops out giving all information regarding a particular word or character. Both device provides note taking and search feature.

Navigation Kindle vs iPad

Easily possible in iPad through its touch Screen, pages can be scrolled up and down and across by dragging the screen or tapping with finger. Only the Kindle Touch and Fire have a touch screen navigator. Other versions (3G, 1, 2, etc) use sliders and 4 way button for navigation. The two sliders given on each side of the Kindle allows scrolling of pages up and down.

Memory – Kindle vs iPad

iPad has a huge storage capacity- comes in 16, 32, 64 GB memory space that can store thousands of book at a time while Kindle has limited memory and a maximum of 3000 books can be stored at a time.

Connectivity – Kindle vs iPad

Both have 3G and Wifi connectivity, highly useful for downloading books and other content even while travelling.

Formats – Kindle vs iPad

Both use their own native formats; iPad uses universal e-pub format whereas Kindle has AZW format. Nevertheless any other format like PDF, Jpeg, HTML, Plain Text, PNG, BMP etc can be easily converted to readable format in both the devices.

Kindle uses whispernet technology that allows sending and receiving of content easily. It allows contents to whisper sync and can be opened in any other device at the very same place where it was left opened.

e-Books – Kindle vs iPad

Books on iPad are downloaded from Apple iBookstore and books on Kindle can be downloaded from the Amazon Kindle store. Both the stores have huge stock of books ranging from Fiction, nonfiction , Science, Business, Comics, children books and also offer wide varieties of magazines and newspapers. There are over 20,000 e- books available for download on to an iPad whereas Kindle has over a huge 700,000 books available. Books for both can be located at numerous other websites and can be downloaded by paying a onetime fee as opposed to paying each time while buying a book on Apple store or Amazon. Books for iPad can only be read through an iPad or iPhone, on the contrary Kindle books can also be downloaded and read on smart phones and a computer using an app.

Kindle vs iPad


  1. Kindle is affordable whereas iPad is a little more expensive.
  2. Kindle is lighter weight, thinner, more compact and more portable.
  3. Books are cheaper on Kindle store compared to Apple Store.
  4. With the full backing of AT&T, the 3G and Wifi connectivity in the iPad is much more powerful. Also, it currently is the only one to have blue tooth capabilities.
  5. Compared to iPad’s 10 hours battery life, Kindles tend to have better battery life. Some of which is said to last over a month.
  6. More applications are available on iPad whereas Kindle has fewer options.

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