Kindle vs Nook vs iPad – Comparison and Review [2019]

Kindle vs Nook vs iPad – Since introduction of the ebook reader, a fire has been lit at the book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, each selling their own e-reader, namely the Kindle, the Nook and iPad. Now name brands such as Google, Pandigital, Sony, Augen, Aluratek and many others have joined the party. With so many options becoming available, our goal is to provide information about the various ebook readers on the market, especially the Nook, Kindle and iPad as they are the top sellers.

Amazon has its patented Kindle that people seem to really enjoy, Barnes & Noble created the Nook which is also a major contender in this market. But Apple created the iPad which is a super versatile machine and does so much more than your average e-book reader.

It all comes down to your needs when choosing the correct e-book reader. Let’s touch on some of those functions now so you can figure out exactly what you are looking for and make the correct choice.

Kindle vs Nook vs iPad

Electronic readers or e-Readers as they are commonly known are becoming a more and more popular way to read various forms of texts such as books, magazines, newspapers and blogs. This is not surprising as they save a lot of paper which means fewer trees need to be chopped down thus helping to save the environment.

They also saves the user a lot of physical space and takes away the need for large numbers of books to be stored in a person’s house; they are like having a virtual library that is small enough to fit into a pocket. As with most commercial markets, the e-Reader is advanced by competition and the question of which one is the best arguably comes down to 3 products, the Kindle vs Nook vs iPad .

It’s absolutely true that there’s never been a better time in history to be in the market for a brand-new e-book reader. Here on Kindle vs Nook vs iPad , we’ll explore the virtues and vices of each model.

These are a lot more affordable now than they once were and there are also many more e-book titles available for you to purchase and read on your brand-new e-book reader. Once there was only a handful of titles for you to read, but that has changed because now there are as many as millions of titles for you to choose from and e-book sales are now beginning to trump regular book sales quarter after quarter.

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Amazon Kindle eReader review – Nook vs Kindle vs iPad

Amazon Kindle: this classic e-book reader was probably the most popular when this type of device first came into fashion. There are a few different models available at this point in time and the prices range anywhere from high to low for any budget.

The one thing Amazon holds over its competitors in the e-book reader game is the amount of available titles to its customers. While this advantage is definitely not going to last forever, it is something that they can’t currently capitalize on because they had such a big head start in this market over its competitors.

There are three types of Kindles currently available for purchase. The first is your basic Kindle, the second is the Kindle 3G and the third is the Kindle DX which is their widescreen version.
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Barnes & Noble Nook eReader Review

Barnes & Noble Nook: the Nook is relatively new to the e-book reader game. They currently have over 2 million titles available for purchase that you can read and enjoy on this wonderful e-book reader.

So far there are only two versions of this device available for purchase on the market today. You have your basic Nook, which is a black and white only device and similar to the Amazon Kindle. But you also have your Color Nook, which is fully interactive and has full touch screen capabilities.

Both devices have been given excellent reviews, so make your choice depending on your current needs in an e-book reader. See here the Best Nook Tablets according to reviews on

Apple iPad Review

Apple iPad: the iPad is honestly the most expensive of the bunch, and some versions of the device cost nearly $600 for you to purchase. But don’t let the price of this incredible machine hold you back, as it is way more than your average e-book reader. If you have to compare it to something then you’re better off comparing it to a netbook since they are much more similar in functionality.

There are a couple of versions available currently and just like every other Apple product the iPad has been given incredible reviews and the people who own them always have the best things to say about this incredible device. See here the Best iPad Tablets according to reviews on

Kindle vs Nook vs iPad which one is the Best ?

So there you have it. Three unbelievable e-book readers with varying different capabilities. Look over all your options and choose wisely before you make your purchase. Thanks for stopping Kindle vs Nook vs iPad to do your research.

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