Kobo Aura One vs H2O: Which Is Better Choice? [2022]

Kobo Aura One vs H2O

In this comparison battle between the Kobo Aura One vs H2O let me begin this review by saying that I favor the Aura One over any Kobo ebook readers that have been released, including the Aura H2O.

While each device may offer its own unique propositions, I really like the larger screen of the Aura One. And it has a higher pixel per inch, which means a lot when you are reading e-books.

But with the H2O Edition 2 being the latest waterproof model, does it mean it should be the best one? Not in this instance, in my opinion. But first, let’s check out the features they both share.

Kobo Aura One
44 Reviews
Kobo Aura One
  • 7.8-Inch 1872 x 1404 E Ink Display
  • 8GB storage, 1GHz processor
  • No advertising, no interruptions
  • Blue-light night reading adjustments

Kobo H2O
14 Reviews
Kobo H2O
  • Waterproof: IP67 compliant (allowing the use of up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 m)
  • Display: 6.8 inches Carta E Ink HD touch screen
  • Resolution: 1430 x 1080 (265 dpi)
  • Built-in memory capacity / usable area: about 4 GB / about 3 GB

Kobo Aura One vs H2O Review

Kobo Aura One
Kobo Aura One
Kobo H2O
Kobo H2O

Waterproof advantage You can relax in your bathtub or infinity pool while reading your favorite ebook, without worrying it getting wet or worse, soaked in water. The IPX8 rating is comforting, which allows the device to work even when it is dropped in water that’s two meters deep for an hour.

ComfortLight Pro – This feature allows these Kobo devices to reduce their blue light to make your night reading comfortable just as you would experience during daytime. This filter will also help in avoiding a sleepless night. You can even adjust the illumination settings manually based on preference.

Internal hardware and software – These Kobo e-readers run on a 1Gz processor and have a storage of 8 GB. This may not seem much offhand, but with that amount of space, you can store 6000 ebooks. The fact that even both devices do not have expandable memory, doesn’t really matter much if you think about it.

So, what’s new with the Aura H2O Edition 2?

Kobo Aura One display
Kobo Aura One display
Kobo H2O display
Kobo H2O display

For one, it is sold at a cheaper price than the KoboAura One. And it comes with a smaller E-ink screen at 6.8 inches and weighs less at around 7 ounces.

Your default ebook text is too small? No problem. The H2O 2 is also highly customizable in terms of font type and size. You can choose from 11 fonts in 50 size settings. You can even adjust the weight and sharpness level of your text for the utmost reading experience.

And to ensure that it won’t slip from your hands while you are so engrossed with reading, the backside has been rubberized for more grip. Its predecessor, the first-gen H2O, had an angled backplate which is already good as it is for holding.

Aside from its power/ sleep button, the H20 Edition 2 interface is a touchscreen. Its intuitive software makes allowances for any accidental touching that it won’t automatically turn the page at the wrong time.

Which Is Better Choice?

The Aura One is not only better than the Aura H2O Edition 2, it is the best Kobo e-reader, period.

It has compelling features with just the right amount of tweaks and upgrades to make them exciting. On the surface, the original version has a more premium feel with its much larger screen size at 7.8 inches. It provides crisp visuals with the mildly frosted glass screen.

Undeniably, it just looks more sophisticated. The Aura H2O 2 on the other hand, has a plastic bezel which makes it look inferior to the Aura One. Pushing it further, the text on the H2O 2 appears dull and gray as well.

And then there’s the OverDrive feature which allows direct download of ebooks from other digital libraries without the need for another device to facilitate the process. This is not possible with other Kobo ereader that will involve a computer, hence it can a bit of a hassle.

While it is technically heavier than the Aura H2O Edition 2, ironically, it feels lighter to carry. That’s because the first generation is only 2mm thick, so essentially, it is very thin.

The first generation amazingly has 17 LED lights that make for one good front light function. It means that even at its lowest setting, it is still bright. This e-reader may well be a luxury, but it is surely well worth it if you want an excellent reading experience.

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