Kobo eReader Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

I’m certainly overjoyed to present to you this Kobo eReader Review. Before I discovered the eReader, i was overwhelmingly disappointed with the eReaders out there.

They are all extremely pricey, have a ton of features I simply don’t need, and had some very annoying behavior, like a black flash on the screen when changing pages that quite frankly gave me a headache.

This review will help you to choose the right Kobo Ereader to meet your specific needs.

The device doesn’t have a lot of extra pizazz, but the screen gently fades between pages, lowering eye fatigue.

It is also the easiest eReader I’ve had the delight of using.

Switching between books is a breeze, and the battery life is just exceptional.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving an eBook reader ever since the 1st Kindle arrived on the scene a couple of years back, but just couldn’t validate pulling the trigger.

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I’m a passionate reader, reading several books a week, and quite frankly I’ve run out of room in my home to go and buy new ones.

It’s getting to the point that they recognize me at the library by my first name (no need for a card), not to mention at my neighborhood bookstore.

For reading, there are several features that make this machine e-reader a winner.

First, it looks more like a book than a reading device because it uses E Ink technology which is amazingly page-like in appearance.

The screen is not backlit, which some users aren’t thrilled about, but it does make it less like a computer screen.

In addition, you have your choice of 2 font styles and 5 font sizes. Finally, the unique quilted back makes this ereader very comfortable in the hand, and easier to grip as well.

There is room for a large library on the E-Reader. The internal memory offers enough space for 1000 ebooks and it comes pre-loaded with 100 classics. With the use of an SD card, you can increase your library to 10,000 books.

It’s also excellent for magazines, blogs, documents, and other electronic reading you enjoy.

The “I’m Reading” page brings together everything you are currently reading in an easy-to-navigate page.

Just choose the book, newspaper or magazine you want at the moment and you’ll be taken to where you left off. For browsing your collection or your selection, library and chapter lists are large, easy to read, and simple to select.

Who is ideal customer?

For those who love colorful images and interactive content, eReaders with LCD/LED screens are appropriate.

Ereaders with LCD or LED screens come in the form of ‘tablets’ and are known as ‘tablet eReaders’.

They are great for reading, however, the emphasis is definitely on images and video.

These tablet eReaders are generally more expensive and slower because of the energy they use.

For avid readers who just love to read, the better alternative is to get a ‘dedicated eReader’ as we specified above.

If you are reading text-rich books then Kobo is a great brand for this. It has produced models that are perfect for reading content like novels or non-fiction eg.the Kobo Glo.

Also if you aren’t the serious reader type, ie you’re more the graphic imagery reader, then there’s a device out there for you too. See the Kobo Arc Review.

You may also want to read about Kobo Mini review.

Screen Display

Kobo e-reader screen display
The 6-inch Vizplex screen is black and white, uses E Ink technology that makes the screen much more readable than most electronic devices.

Contrast is enhanced with 16-level grayscale, while many e-readers offer only 4-level or 8-level.

You get more text per page and have fewer page flips. Choose to read in portrait or landscape, and do it with just one hand since the unit is so light and handles so nicely. The 6-inch screen makes reading everything much easier than on smaller 5” screens.

Weight & Battery life

The machine device measures 0.1-in. thick and weighs 200g.

The long-life battery lasts for 2 weeks and 10,000 page turns.

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Storage Space

Onboard storage space is 1GB – in addition, there’s an SD card slot – and the battery is good quality for up to 8,000 page turns.

There’s no WiFi or 3G, not like its rivals, but it gets Bluetooth for short-range cable-free synchronizing with “select smartphones”; alternatively you be capable of using the included USB cable. It will read ePUB and PDF documents, in addition, to be able to open content bought from Kobo’s internet-based catalog of around 2m titles.

While we’re not particularly happy about this particular hardware, Kobo is pushing their eReader application which should make it easier for third-party manufacturers to make compatible devices. Whilst the own-brand reader only has Bluetooth, the program supports Wireless and 3G, as well as both E Ink and LCD displays.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many of you have considered a Kobo in the past but held off because you wanted the ease of wireless downloading. Well, you will love the new device whether you used the wireless edition or another e-reader. It has many features that make reading easy and more enjoyable.

For starters, you can shop for books online from any Wi-Fi hotspot and download the ones you purchase. If you store your library online, it’s available to you wherever and whenever you’re connected.

Kobo Pros & Cons


  1. The readability of this device is better than most on the market. It’s very lifelike and easy on the eyes.
  2. Many users love the quilted back which offers a more comfortable experience.
  3. Adding wireless to the E-Reader was a definite plus too.
  4. The battery life of the device is another strength. It will last for up to 2 weeks, or 10,000 page turns!


  1. Users looking for a color display don’t rate the device as high.

Final Verdict

This device is an excellent all-around e-reader that any serious reader will enjoy.

However, it is especially nice for traveling due to its compact, lightweight size as well as the amount of material you can store on it. Plus, if you want the convenience of buying and downloading new books from any Wi-Fi location, you’ve got it with the Kobo.

Avid readers who want the most lifelike reading experience in terms of page clarity and quality will love the Kobo E-Reader.

It has advantages over traditional book reading too. It is lightweight and won’t close on you like a bound book, so one-hand reading is comfortable.

Great storage capacity, wireless capability, excellent navigation, and a competitive price are making this ebook reader machine one of the best-selling e-readers in its class!

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