Kobo Touch e-reader Review [2022]

kobo touch review

The Kobo Touch is the third generation from Kobo and it’s the best rival to the Kindle so far. Let’s review the Kobo Touch ebook-reader.

Kobo Touch e-reader

Kobo Touch e-reader
Kobo Touch e-reader

Just like the Kindle 3G, the Kobo offers Wi-Fi connectivity, internet access, and a large 6-inch screen with E-Ink technology. The Kobo Touch used to be the cheapest 6-inch ebook reader on the market. However, since then Amazon has released the Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi which have even cheaper prices.

The great thing about the Touch e-reader is that it has a bigger selection of online books than Amazon’s store (choose from more than 2.4 million book titles), supports far more ebook formats and it also has a special social media integration. You can also sync your ebooks with apps for the PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android too.

The great thing about using this device is that you can hold it in the palm of your hand whilst comfortably changing the pages. You can leave your other hand completely free.

The Kobo Touch e-reader is available in several colors (black, white, navy blue, or in a special silver edition). Overall the device is well built and has a minimalist look with just one silver button on the front underneath the screen making it very similar to the iPad 2.

Size and Weight

The Kobo eReader is extremely small and lightweight, small enough even to fit into the palm of your hand. At just 7 ounces and 165mm x 114mm x 10mm, the e-Reader is significantly lighter than the Kindle 3G and half an inch narrower than the Nook.

Screen Display and Reading Menu

The eBook Reader has a 6 inch, E-Ink screen with a maximum resolution of 800×600.

The E-Ink technology in the device is the same as the one used on the third-generation Kindle 3G and the Nook. Its high contrast screen means that you can read it in direct sunlight without any glare. I’ve also managed to avoid getting any smudgy fingerprints on the touch screen which is nice.

Once you turn on the device by using the flick button at the top the homepage displays a range of features including up to 5 different books, newspapers of magazine documents that you’re reading.

The device comes complete with a dictionary. You can also access the online Kobo Store through wireless Internet and Wi-Fi capability (not offered by the original Kindle).

The menu system for the eReader is really good. The touch-screen display is very responsive and you can tap the screen either to change pages, select a menu option, or to open a new book/magazine. You can also swipe your finger across the screen to turn a page. One of the best things about this device is that you get 2 different fonts and 17 font sizes to choose from.

Track Your Reading Patterns and Reading Time

Track Your Reading Patterns and Reading Time

One of the advantages of getting a Kobo eReader over the Kindle is that it includes a special Reading Life Network. This allows you to track how long you’ve been for, how many books, how many pages you’ve turned, and the total amount of books that you’ve read.

I don’t think any of this is necessary but I do think it’s a nice touch to see how many pages you’ve read on holiday for example. You can also share your reading list either on Facebook or syn it on your Mac OS or Android mobile phone.

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Battery Life, Storage Capacity, and Hardware

The Touch device has a solid 2GB internal hard drive which is also supported by a Micro SD card slot and USB port. In total, you can store up to 1500 eBooks, newspapers on magazines n your device at any one time.

The battery life is meant to last up to 1 month and you can choose and download more than 2.4 million book titles from the bookstore. Other file formats supported include ePub PDF, Adobe, JPEG, HTML, Text, and more).

Kobo Touch review Conclusion

In this review, we’ve learned that the Kobo Touch is a great ebook reader that packs a lot of features. While it’s the closest rival to the Amazon Kindle e-reader , the Kobo device can be a viable choice if you look to own one of the best ebook readers.