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My Sister's Grave book review
My Sister's Grave book personal copy

My Sister’s Grave book review – “My Sister’s Grave” is a mystery novel by American author Robert Dugoni, published in 2013. The book is the first in the Tracy Crosswhite series, which follows the story of Tracy Crosswhite, a Seattle detective, who is haunted by the unsolved murder of her sister Sarah.

The novel is set in the Pacific Northwest and follows Tracy as she sets out to find the truth about her sister’s murder. The story is well-written, with a compelling plot, and well-developed characters. The novel delves into themes of grief, loss, and the search for justice.

The plot is fast-paced and filled with twists and turns, keeping readers engaged until the very end. The novel is a page-turner and the author was able to create a realistic portrayal of the legal system and the way it affects the different characters.

Critics had mostly positive reviews for “My Sister’s Grave.” Some praised the novel for its strong characters and engaging plot, while others criticized it for being similar to other mystery novels.

Overall, “My Sister’s Grave” is a well-written and engaging mystery novel that will appeal to fans of the genre, and specifically those who enjoy stories that revolve around a crime that was committed in the past, and a detective trying to solve it in the present.


Author: Robert Dugoni

Genre: Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Book characters

“My Sister’s Grave” by Robert Dugoni features several main characters:

Tracy Crosswhite: The protagonist of the novel, a Seattle detective who is haunted by the unsolved murder of her sister Sarah and sets out to find the truth about her sister’s murder.

Sarah Crosswhite: Tracy’s sister, who was murdered when she was a teenager. Her death still haunts Tracy and drives her to investigate the case.

Dan Erickson: A retired detective who helped Tracy’s family in the search of her sister Sarah, he is a close friend of Tracy’s family and he helps Tracy in her investigation.

Fred Turner: The man who was convicted of Sarah’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Barbara Crosswhite: Tracy’s mother, she is still grieving the loss of her daughter Sarah.

Ed Crosswhite: Tracy’s father, a retired police officer, who had a hard time dealing with his daughter’s death.

Karen Duvall: A journalist who is investigating the case of Sarah’s murder.

Chris Thompson: Tracy’s husband, he is a supportive and caring husband.

The author was able to create a realistic portrayal of the characters’ motivation and their actions throughout the story. They are complex characters, with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

My Sister’s Grave short summary

My Sister's Grave book cover

“My Sister’s Grave” is a novel by Robert Dugoni that tells the story of Tracy Crosswhite, a detective who is haunted by the unsolved murder of her sister Sarah.

Twenty years after Sarah’s death, new evidence surfaces that leads Tracy to believe that her sister’s killer may still be at large.

Determined to find the truth, Tracy sets out to re-investigate the case and uncover the secrets that have been kept hidden for so long.

Along the way, she must confront her own demons and the people who may have been involved in her sister’s murder. The novel is a gripping and emotional story of justice, family, and redemption.

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Plot twist

A major plot twist in “My Sister’s Grave” by Robert Dugoni is the revelation that the man who was convicted of Sarah’s murder and has been in prison for 20 years, may not have been the actual killer.

As Tracy re-investigates the case, she discovers new evidence that leads her to believe that someone else was responsible for her sister’s death, and that the authorities may have covered up the true culprit’s involvement.

This revelation has a profound impact on Tracy as she had always believed her sister’s killer was apprehended and punished and also puts the people she trusted into question. The twist adds another layer to the story as Tracy races against time to find the actual killer and bring them to justice.

Ending explained

The ending of “My Sister’s Grave” by Robert Dugoni sees Tracy finally uncovering the truth about her sister’s murder.

After re-investigating the case, she discovers that the man who had been convicted of Sarah’s murder was actually innocent, and that the true killer had been her sister’s own friend, who had been jealous of their close relationship. With the help of her colleagues and family, Tracy is able to gather enough evidence to bring the killer to justice, and finally finds closure and peace for her sister’s death.

The ending also touches on the theme of redemption, as Tracy’s quest for the truth helps her to come to terms with her own guilt and regrets about not being there for her sister when she needed her most. It also shows her healing and growing as she is able to forgive herself and move forward.

Additionally, it also shows the importance of family and friends as Tracy’s loved ones were there to support her throughout her journey.