Google Android Tablet

Is Google Android Tablet Given the iPad a Run for its Money?

is the Google Android Tablet good enought to compete with the iPad? Google Android Tablet The tablet market is expanding profusely with an increasingly popular Google android tablet that’s competing with the iPad. The fierce battle between these major brands is leading to innovations in tablets at a fast rate. However, like in every competition […]
Where to buy a Nook Tablet

Where to buy a Nook Tablet ?

The brand new NOOK Touch Reader started shipping in June 2011. It looks like Barnes & Noble has yet again released another great eReader. They’ve updated some of the features from the original version for the Touch Reader. The reviews look really promising so far. Let’s take a closer look and see what this eReader […]

Where to Buy a Kindle Fire

Where to Buy a Kindle Fire ?

Don’t you know where to buy a Kindle Fire? Where to Buy a Kindle Fire In reality there is only one place you should be considering purchasing your Kindle Fire – Buy Kindle Fire on As manufacturer and supplier of the Kindle Fire, Amazon are best placed to ensure your Kindle Fire is available […]
Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – There are lots of e-readers available for purchase. Finding the best one may require a lot of exploration and a bit of e-reader comparison. There are several attributes that must be evaluated when the assessment is made. Things such as cost, available space that it will support, charging life […]

Kindle DX

Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device – Review

The Kindle DX has been reviewed over 3000 times, is obviously a huge seller on Amazon, and currently has a review rating of 4/5 stars. Reviews have been very good and 50% of reviewers have given it a five-star rating. Kindle DX Review The Kindle DX is Amazon’s large screen wireless reading device, it is […]
Kindle Keyboard 3G

Kindle Keyboard 3G+ Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display Review

Kindle Keyboard 3G Review. The introduction of the Kindle Keyboard meant that the Kindle was thinner, lighter, and faster than ever before. This amazing piece of technology is only 1/3” thick but can still store 3,500 books and has a battery life of two months. Kindle Keyboard 3G We think our readers will find that […]
Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad

Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2 Comparison and Review

Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad a comparison and review between these two ereaders. Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad Since the launch of the Kindle Fire Tablet in November 2011, and its subsequent extraordinary sales figures, commentators have sought to compare the Kindle Fire vs the Apple iPad 2. A like-for-like comparison of the Kindle Fire […]

Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire Review 2018-2019: How Good is the Fire Tablet?

Kindle Fire Review – The much anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire Color 7″ Tablet was launched in November 2011 and represents Amazons first venture into the tablet computer market. However, if you buy the kindle fire based on the low price tag alone will you be left frustrated by the performance of the Kindle Fire or […]
Kindle Oasis vs Voyage

Kindle Oasis vs Voyage which one to get? Review [2018-2019]

Kindle Oasis vs Voyage which one to get? In this cοmparisοn οf the Kindle Oasis vs Voyage, yοu will get tο read an οverview οf each οne. And hοpefully, that will help yοu decide which Kindle eReader is yοur best οptiοn. Kindle Oasis vs Voyage Back in 2014, Amazon released their premium eReader, the Voyage. […]
Kindle Accessories

Top 10 Kindle Accessories: The Most Popular Accessories for Kindle List 2018

Most Popular Top 10 Kindle Accessories for Your Ebook Reader. The Kindle has taken the world by storm. It is a portable e-book reader that was developed by a subsidiary of It is a device that allows users to shop, browse, download and read books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and more. Top 10 Kindle Accessories […]

Waterproof ereader

Waterproof ereader – Top 3 waterproof electronic Book Readers

A Waterproof ereader it’s a must have in 2018 when you want to use it in nature. With such a wide range of products, it’s hard to choose the best waterproof e-reader from the market. It’s even harder to choose when products have similiar prices and lists with very different options. Therefore, choosing the best […]
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