Kindle vs iPad

Kindle vs iPad : Which one is better? Comparison and Review

Kindle vs iPad – This two are excellent tablets that offer unparalleled reading and experience for its users. Both devices have their own strengths and drawbacks that make it highly difficult to point out which excels over the other. Let’s leave it to the discretion of the reader. In a relentless effort to offer maximum […]

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Since introduction of the ebook reader, a fire has been lit at the book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, each selling their own e-reader, namely the Kindle, the Nook and iPad. Now name brands such as Google, Pandigital, Sony, Augen, Aluratek and many others have […]