Kindle Fire HD 7 Review

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review – The Kindle Fire HD is a sleek, portable, state of the art tablet that integrates several distinguishing features and applications into one device. This advanced 7” HD Display tablet comes in 16 gig and 32 gig hard drive space. Kindle Fire HD 7 Review This device was created to […]

Kindle Fire 7th Generation

Kindle Fire 7th Generation – Review

Kindle Fire 7th generation Kindle Fire 7th generation has excellent value for the price and improvements over first generation Fire. Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch Color Multi Touch Android Tablet, which I found it to be a very popular product on amazon, i decided to buy it and after using it i am posting my honest […]
Kindle vs Kobo ereader

Kindle vs Kobo ereader . Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

Kindle vs Kobo ereader If you are an avid reader, you will probably be thinking of investing in an electronic reader. In today’s battle Kindle vs Kobo ereader we will review the Kobo Touch and the Amazon Kindle. See the best Kobo Tablets according to reviews on Kobo’s design The Kobo ereader, Kobo Touch […]

Kindle vs Nook

Kindle vs Nook – Which is better? Review [2018-2019]

Kindle vs Nook – In the battle of E-readers, Kindle vs Nook is the heavyweight fight. We will compare some of the statistics and specifications that will help you choose the right one for you. Let’s start with some basic info: The Nook tablet is made by Barnes and Noble and the Kindle is made […]

Where to Buy a Kindle Fire

Where to Buy a Kindle Fire ?

Don’t you know where to buy a Kindle Fire? Where to Buy a Kindle Fire In reality there is only one place you should be considering purchasing your Kindle Fire – Buy Kindle Fire on As manufacturer and supplier of the Kindle Fire, Amazon are best placed to ensure your Kindle Fire is available […]
Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – There are lots of e-readers available for purchase. Finding the best one may require a lot of exploration and a bit of e-reader comparison. There are several attributes that must be evaluated when the assessment is made. Things such as cost, available space that it will support, charging life […]

Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire Review 2018-2019: How Good is the Fire Tablet?

Kindle Fire Review – The much anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire Color 7″ Tablet was launched in November 2011 and represents Amazons first venture into the tablet computer market. However, if you buy the kindle fire based on the low price tag alone will you be left frustrated by the performance of the Kindle Fire or […]