iPad vs Kindle vs Nook

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

iPad vs Kindle vs Nook – Since introduction of the ebook reader, a fire has been lit at the book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, each selling their own e-reader, namely the Kindle, the Nook and iPad. Now name brands such as Google, Pandigital, Sony, Augen, Aluratek and many others have […]

Kindle vs Nook

Kindle vs Nook – Which is better? Review [2018-2019]

Kindle vs Nook – In the battle of E-readers, Kindle vs Nook is the heavyweight fight. We will compare some of the statistics and specifications that will help you choose the right one for you. Let’s start with some basic info: The Nook tablet is made by Barnes and Noble and the Kindle is made […]
Where to buy a Nook Tablet

Where to buy a Nook Tablet ?

The brand new NOOK Touch Reader started shipping in June 2011. It looks like Barnes & Noble has yet again released another great eReader. They’ve updated some of the features from the original version for the Touch Reader. The reviews look really promising so far. Let’s take a closer look and see what this eReader […]

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – Comparison and Review [2018-2019]

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire – There are lots of e-readers available for purchase. Finding the best one may require a lot of exploration and a bit of e-reader comparison. There are several attributes that must be evaluated when the assessment is made. Things such as cost, available space that it will support, charging life […]