What is an e-Reader?

What is an e-Reader

So, what is this e-reader exactly? It suddenly occurred to me that many people around don’t even know what an eBook reader is. So, here is a short breakdown of the history of eBook readers.

What is an e reader?

An eBook reader is an electronic device that has one purpose in life — to display eBooks. It looks much like a large iPhone, having a big six-inch display (in most cases) and, if needed, includes small navigational buttons.

So, why not just use an iPhone or a laptop?

Great question. You see, when you read from an iPhone or a laptop, you are really straining your eyes because of the technology used to create the images on the display.

eBook readers use a different kind of technology, one that is called eInk. This technology “throws” electrons on the screen only once and therefore achieve two major advantages:

1. The display looks like real paper and doesn’t strain your eyes.

2. You save a lot of battery power as the machine only uses power when you turn pages. (That is why a lot of times, an eBook reader battery will be measured in page turns.)

But surely this won’t be able to replace normal books….

True, but then again, when you want to carry around a whole pile of books wherever you go and be able to read every one of them whenever you feel like it, the e-Reader provides an excellent solution.

What kind of books can I read on this e-Reader?

Most e-Readers support any common file type available — Microsoft Word document, PDF files, and other less-familiar file formats, such as Mobipocket, ePub, and more.

What are the main advantages of e-Readers?

Well, first of all, they are easy to carry around. You can store hundreds of books on them and most e-Readers even have the option of writing annotations and remarks on the side of different pages.

Also, you have access to a wider variety of books since an eBook is much easier to publish than a normal book. You protect the environment because there is no use of paper and an eBook costs less than a normal book.

There are, of course, several disadvantages to using eBooks. There is the fact that you need electrical power to read, the device is a bit fragile, and so on.

Today, the market is beginning to realize that eBooks are the next big thing and a lot of well-known companies are starting to develop their own eBook readers.

Amazon has come out with their own Kindle eBook reader (which later became the Kindle 2 and a short while after that the Kindle DX), Sony developed their PRS e Reader, and it is even said that Barnes & Noble’s is on their way to creating an eBook reader of their own.

This is only the starting point. As technology advances, we will begin to see more developed eBook readers, ones that can display color, consume less power, and operate faster. With so many choices at our disposal, finding what is the best e-reader may require a lot of in-depth analysis.

But for now, I believe that you have enough information in order to grasp the immense possibilities that eBook readers present.

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