What is an eBook Reader: What are the advantages of buying one? [2022]

What is an eBook Reader

If you’re new to reading ebooks you may be wondering what is an ebook reader and what are the advantages of buying one. In this article, I’m going to talk about the history of ebook readers, reasons to buy one, and what is, in fact, an electronic book reader or ereader as it is widely known.

What Is An eBook Reader?

What is an ebook reader
eBook readers are mobile handheld devices that are used to display digital books and provide for the optimal reading experience.

Thousands of books are now available in digital format including many classics. And with the increasing popularity of ebook readers, like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes Noble’s Nook, or Apple Ipads, most books today are being published in digital format as well.

Ebooks can be uploaded and read on many devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablet computers, like the iPad. BUT, the main benefit of a dedicated eBook reader is that they are created with the main purpose of reading in mind. So, they employ the e-Ink technology for the display screen which is the closest to real paper. This way you can read in bright sunlight without glare and there is no strain on the eyes as with LCD screens on smartphones and tablets.

In contrast to other devices, the E-Readers are made with only one purpose and that is to read. Therefore, ereaders have many friendly reading features supported, such as dictionary definitions, the ability to make notes, shopping for books right from the device, annotation options, bookmarks, and more.

Also, some of the high-end book readers have Web browsers. Like the Kindle Fire color book reader that offers movies, tv shows, and games.

What was the first e-reader?

An eBook reader is an electronic device that allows you to download and read eBooks. While portable eBook readers or “e-readers” have been developed as early as the 1970s, it wasn’t until 2007 that the launch of Amazon’s Kindle propagated the eBook reader market to mass consumers.

The first all-purpose consumer eBook reader (the Soft book and Gemstar’s Rocket eBook Reader) was developed in 1998. The problem with eBooks at this time was that most public libraries failed to digitalize their stock and make fictional books for download.

The first fictional eBook (Ride the Bullet) was written by Stephen King and was the first book to be released as an eBook only during its launch. After this book was released online, US libraries (and Google) aided in the digitalization of fictional books that could be downloaded from the internet.

In 2003, dwindling demand from eBook sales caused eBook stores such as Barnes and Noble and Gemstar’s to close down. The biggest problem with eBook readers at the time was the glossy, LCD displays which made a poor reading experience for users.

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The History of eBook Readers.

Even if the first ereader was developed in 1970 and the first one for mass consumers was first released in 1998, Sony’s Librie eBook Reader revolutionized the eReader market by becoming the first eReader device to utilize eInk (electronic ink) technology. e-Ink improved user experiences by mimicking the look and contrast of electronic screens to that of regular books and newspapers. Text fonts appeared crisper, with better contrast and reduced glare.

In 2007, with consumer tastes on the eReader slowly changing, Amazon took the bull by the horns by launching their own Kindle eReader, made exclusively for the US market. The first Kindles sold out within five and a half hours.

In 2009, Amazon released the Kindle 2 to over 100 countries, which was lighter, smaller, and had a longer battery life than the original Kindle. Users could read books for more than 1 week before the battery ran out, while Amazon increased their selection of downloadable eBooks to more than 250,000 titles.

By the end of 2009, dozens of new eReader manufacturers appeared on the market including Barnes and Nobles Nook, Sony, and Samsung. The world’s leading bookstore Blackstone has also stated that they will be launching their own eBook reading device by the end of 2011.

In 2011, Amazon launched its brand new Kindle 3G eReading device. This is the first Kindle to support both Wifi and 3G Internet services. It weighs 50% less than the original Kindle plus has the storage capacity for up to 3,500 books.

in 2017 Barnes and Noble launched the 6-inch Nook e-reader.

In 2019-2020 Kobo released Kobo Nia, Amazon the All-new Kindle Paperwhite, which is, by the way, the best e-reader to buy, and Barnes and Noble the Nook Glowlight Plus.

Other e-reader models released in 2020 are the Onyx Boox, Nova2, PocketBook Color, Max Lumi.

What are the Advantages of Buying an eBook Reader?

An ereader stores lots of books
With an ebook reader you can carry thousands of books

eReaders are the latest trend in the electronics world and they’re also likely to be the number one product on most peoples’ Christmas shopping list at the end of the year!

If you’re a complete newbie to eBook readers or have never used one before, then, this article’s going to provide a brief article on the advantages and reasons for buying one.

1. You Can Store a Huge Number of Books on your eReader!

The most popular eBook reader brands such as the Kindle and Kindle 3G enable you to store up to 3,500 books on your device at any one time.

This allows you to take a huge selection of books with you wherever you go, saving you the hassle of carrying them all around with you. Storing multiple books such as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows” allows you to plan ahead with your reading time and download multiple books in the same series. Once you finish one book, you can read the next (or read something entirely different).

2. eReaders are Lightweight and Easy to Travel Around With.

The latest Amazon Kindle 3G and Sony eBook Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) weigh only 250g – 300g. This is less than most hardback books and means that you can easily carry your eReader device with you wherever you go. It’s not quite small enough to fit into your pockets (most ebook readers measure around 1cm x 8cm x 12cm) but you can just stick it in your bag or handbag very easily.

3. You can Buy and Download eBooks Very Quickly.

Downloading ebooks to your eReading device is very straightforward. You can either link it up to your home internet network via Wi-Fi technology, or you can download books directly from the internet with newer internet-enabled eReaders such as the Amazon 3G.

The Kindle has a selection of more than 500,000 books to download digitally which generally match the same price of any other book you’ll find online. You can also download the first chapter of most books for free before you decide to buy any.

4. Extended Battery Life Allows you to Read Books for Months Without Recharging.

You don’t need to worry about the battery life in your eBook reader ever running out. The latest eReaders such as the Kindle Wi-fi will last for up to one month (based on one hour of reading time per day) before it runs out of battery. This makes it far more durable and expedient for taking on holiday than your average laptop or MP3 battery which tends to have an average battery life only lasting a few days up.

5. All-New 6”, High Contrast Screens Make for Perfect Reading.

Most eBook readers will use special “E Ink” technology which provides incredibly sharp contrast, crisp fonts, and readability.

Kindle’s latest E Ink screens are designed to mimic the look of a real book or newspaper. This is done by mimicking the look and feel of ink on paper by using real digital technology. These specially designed screens also work perfectly in sunlight too without giving off any glare, fingerprint markets, or reflections.

6. Change your Font, Use a Dictionary and Bookmark your Pages.

You can adjust the font of your, zoom in/out, and bookmark which page you’re up to at any time. These customizable options help you read better books better by tailoring the screen around your preferences. The Sony eReader and Amazon Kindle also have built-in Dictionaries that allow you to look up and highlight words that you don’t understand.

7. Browse the Web and Makes Notes on other Applications.

The newest Kindle 3G doesn’t just let you read and download books, it also lets you browse the internet with its new WebKit browser. You can check the latest news headlines, surf your mail and even write down notes.

What is an ereader? Verdict

If you know yourself as an avid reader and you want to read lots of books whenever you want, wherever you go, then you must buy an ebook reader.

An ebook reader gives you the opportunity to read a book just like you we’re reading the real paper but with the opportunity to store hundreds of books without the need of carrying them around with you all the time.