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Where to buy a Nook Tablet ?

Where to buy a Nook Tablet – The brand new NOOK Touch Reader started shipping in June 2011. It looks like Barnes & Noble has yet again released another great eReader. They’ve updated some of the features from the original version for the Touch Reader. The reviews look really promising so far. Let’s take a closer look and see what this eReader has to offer.

Where to buy a Nook Tablet

Where to buy a Nook
This has a 6 inch touchscreen with improved E Ink Pearl technology. Barnes & Noble has improved the contrast on this by 50% from the first edition. Like the original, this can also be read outdoors in sunlight without glare. One thing that should be pointed out is that this device doesn’t have a color screen but still has plenty of other great features.

This weighs less than eight ounces and is really thin. This should be light enough for just about anybody. I really appreciate a light weight eReader because I sometimes read with it propped on my legs or resting on my lap. Maybe you take your laptop with you everywhere. Now you can easily slip this into your laptop bag and it won’t even be noticeably heavier.

With the Touch Reader, you will get free Wifi at all AT&T hotspots. This is really quite convenient because AT&T seems to have many hotspots. Also you will have free Wifi at any Barnes & Noble bookstore. I really love having built in Wifi, and I’m still surprised by how much I use this feature.
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As with the color version, you can read newspapers and magazines. Best of all, you can have these delivered wirelessly. This will definitely be a time saver and very convenient for most people. It’s perfect whether you want to read just one issue or buy an entire year’s subscription.

Whether you want the new Simple Touch or the original model, you can find this being sold at many places on the Internet. Barnes & Noble is a good place to check. Also Amazon would be worth a look because they have tons of new or used products.

Ultimately it depends on you because NOOK prices start off fairly low for the original and go up with the newer models (like the color version). If you’re still wondering where to buy NOOK, just click on the link above for low prices.

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