Where to buy ebooks?

where to buy ebooks

The first thing that comes to mind when you own an e-reader is where to buy ebooks? Anyone who owns an eBook reader knows how important and convenient an online eBook store is. In fact, having an ebook reader is no good if there isn’t a good online eBook store that offers the books you like to read.

Today, there are several online eBook stores where you can get your favorite books at competitive prices or even download them for free. Knowing about each of these eBook stores is essential if you want to find the best eBook deals online.

Among the different factors, you should consider when you visit an online eBook store are the format of the eBook that is offered, the price of the eBook, the delivery options, and the customer support provided by the site.

Where to buy ebooks ?

First, you need to decide how do you wanna read. In 2021 its hard to choose between eBooks vs printed books. Here is a note on some of the best online library stores you can consider.

Amazon Kindle Store

The Kindle Ebook Store at Amazon.com is home to a massive collection of 6 million books you can buy, over 100.000 magazines, journals, and newspapers and thousands of blogs you can subscribe to.

Also, if you are an avid reader and you own a Kindle device than you should take a look at what Kindle Unlimited has to offer.

The site also has a collection of free Kindle eBooks and active content like games and apps you can download to your Kindle.

The only hitch is that only the Kindle and iPad compatible eBook formats are available here.

How to Use the Amazon eBook Store

In order to use Amazon’s Kindle store, you need to set up your device so that you can wirelessly by and download books from Amazon’s Whispernet wireless on the go.

When you first turn on your Kindle you’ll need to fill in various details and link it to your Amazon email account. This allows you to make one-click purchases either directly from your Kindle or from the computer.

Every purchase that you make from Amazon is stored in a special Cloud Hosting folder called Your Media Library. This stores a remote “hard copy” of your eBook on Amazon’s database just in case you accidentally delete it on your device.

How to buy from the Kindle Store

The great thing about Amazon’s bookstore is that you can buy books wirelessly from your Kindle. You can do that by using Amazon’s wireless/3G network free of charge. Or you can buy books either from your computer or iPad2 using the Kindle App. These will then sync all purchased books/newspapers with your Kindle device.

The advantage of purchasing books this way is that you never need to connect your Kindle to a computer unlike other eBook Readers such as the Sony PRS-350 and Kobo eReader.

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How to download ebooks from the Kindle Store

Getting ebooks from the Kindle store is very easy as all the books that you order are delivered to the Amazon Kindle reader through Whispernet, Amazon’s wireless delivery service for Kindle. Alternatively, you can download the books to your PC too.

Whether you access Amazon’s bookstore directly from your Kindle or indirectly from your computer, you can easily navigate and find your favorite books or the latest Best Sellers.

The different categories of books that you can choose from include:

  • Fiction novels
  • Romance
  • Religion
  • History
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports, Self Help
  • Science and Nature
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Children’s Books
  • Crime and Thrillers
  • Business and Finance
  • Biographies

In order to buy a subscription to a newspaper or magazine all you need to do is search for the item you wish to subscribe to and check the monthly price. You can also just pay for the current issue with 1-click payment methods.

Finally, Amazon has also a special Recommendation feature you can sign up to which recommends books that you might like based on your past reading.

Barnes and Noble eBook Store

Barnes & Noble store boasts of more than a million titles, offered at competitive prices. While the objective of this store is to provide books compatible with the Nook, it also offers eBooks in other formats.

The Barnes and Noble book store are one the biggest in the world with more than 2 million eBooks, magazines, and newspapers which you can download directly to your Nook. The Nook allows you to download books in ePub-supported formats too.

The prices of eBooks at the Barnes and Noble store range from $1.99 up to $15.99, which makes it significantly cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle Store.

How to Use the Barnes and Noble Ebook Store

You need to sign up for an account and register your Nook at the Barnes and Noble store in order to buy, download, and share books with your friends.

Each of the books that you buy will be saved in “My Library” which you can browse through and organize at any time. You can also recommend and lend books to your friends using the Barnes and Noble store, which gives it more of a social “edge” over the Kindle Store.

You can choose from a huge range of books, newspapers, and magazines from Barnes and Noble library. What’s more, you can download any book or subscribe to any newspaper/magazine for a 14-day free trial. (You can also stop by any Barnes and Noble book shop with your Nook eReader device for 1 hour’s free browsing).

Books are split into a plethora of categories at the Barnes and Noble library:

  • New Releases
  • B&N Top 100
  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Teens
  • Fantasy
  • Travel
  • Mystery
  • History

The Nook Newsstand is their digital newspaper and magazine subscription service for Nook eReaders which allows you instantly download hundreds of newspapers, magazines and periodicals such as The Economist, TV Guide, National Geographic, Popular Science, Cosmopolitan, People and other Best Sellers.

More stores

Among the best online stores, the Sony Reader store offers a great collection of eBooks and newspaper subscriptions. The pricing here is competitive and the site is user friendly. However, the site offers books only in the .ePUB format and the format compatible with the Sony e-Reader.

Kobo is one online eBook store that has a greater volume than Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The Kobos book library has more than 2 million eBooks, which can be read on the Kobo eBook reader or on your PC, iPhone, or other devices by downloading the Kobo e-reader software.

One of the best sites for competitive prices on eBooks, Diesel Ebooks also has a huge collection of eBooks that are available in almost all the major eBook formats. The site is easy to use and you can find some great offers here from time to time. The site also offers free books from time to time.

eBooks.com is another site that also has a huge collection of eBooks offered at competitive prices.

Also, Google eBooks, which focuses completely on the digital format of the books can be a great place to find your favorite books and reference material.

Where to get ebooks for free ?

If you want free eBooks, you should also consider manybooks.net, although Project Gutenberg is the best place for free eBooks on the internet. Help us spread the word. Share.

Final Word

As you can see there is a large variety from where you can buy and download ebooks for your ereader device. You can find many ebooks for free at places like the Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble Store, Sony reader store, Project Gutenberg website, and more.